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Wigs get a bad wrap. People often equate the word wig with something that looks fake. The problem is, most people don’t understand that there are different kinds of wigs, for different kinds of needs. If you need to wear a wig on a daily basis, it is worth investing in a quality wig that you will enjoy wearing. Not all wigs are created equally and you should know that upfront.

Any product line that is brought into our Dallas salon goes through an intensive “interview” process. Because The Beauty Box Salon is a leader in Dallas wigs and hair replacement market – we often get approached by lots of companies wanting to sell to us. We only select the best of the best to be sold.

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After several months of testing we have come to the conclusion that Ellen Wille wigs are some of the finest wigs available on the market. The construction, the style, and even the fibers (both human and synthetic) used to make the wigs are a cut above the rest. Ellen Wille wigs are truly a game changer.

Ellen Wille Wigs Dallas – No detail is overlooked in creating these extraordinary wigs. 

We understand that wigs may not be for everyone. In addition, we want you to understand that wigs aren’t just for people with an illness.  Wig technology has evolved in such a way that you simply cannot tell when someone is wearing a wig anymore. What that means is wigs can be for everyone.

If you are looking for a wig in Dallas we invite you to book out a free “no pressure” consultation. Let us show you what a beautiful Ellen Wille couture wig can do for you.




About Ellen Wille (pronounced Villa)

In 1967, Ellen Wille completed her cosmetology studies in Paris and promptly opened her first wig shop in Frankfurt, Germany. Today she is the force behind what is now a world renowned brand of wigs and hairpieces.

For over 45 years, Ellen Wille designs have been inspired by international fashion trends. Her passion for wig perfection is evident – she guides every meticulous detail. Each Ellen Wille wig is unique. All aspects of an individual style, from the hair fiber, to the coloring, to the cap design is about ensuring the most beautiful, natural movement and comfortable fit.

Ellen Wille has numerous wig collections and awards to go with them. The wig line even has two awards from Concours International in Paris. Ellen Wille has cemented her reputation for truly beautiful and high quality wigs. Ellen Wille wigs are something special. The company has been voted the best wig line in Europe for many years.

In 2014, Ellen Wille wigs finally made it stateside. Ellen Wille was an immediate success and is quickly becoming one of the top selling wig brands in the USA.

“For me, a wig is more than a solution or a fashion accessory. It’s an expression of style.” – Ellen Wille




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