Extensions are wonderful! They allow us as stylists to give women the hair they wish they were born with. While extensions are great for adding length and volume to all types of hair, they typically can’t be applied to the top or crown area of the head. So if your a women with extreme fine or thinning hair at the front of the hair line or crown area, what are you to do?

When I say top piece or wiglet do you think old school and grandma? Well you shouldn’t. Top pieces, or as I like to call them top of the head extension systems, have come a long, long way, and they look and feel completely natural. There is no reason to suffer through the embarrassment or wonder if there is a solution, there most definitely is.

With amazing features and benefits, they are worth taking a look at. A typical top of the head extension system will attach to your hair using pressure sensitive clips, that snap shut for a secure attachment. The hair style in the system will be more of a general undefined style that you can have customized to blend into your particular style seamlessly. Feautures like “monofilament” and human hair options are going to offer the absolute best quality available.

The best way to experience a top of the head extension system is to come take a look for yourself. All the words I can type won’t do justice to how cool these are in person, and how they can help camouflage thinning on the crown instantly.