Are you new to wearing a wig? Yes? You must have so many questions! The Beauty Box Salon is all about providing amazing info to help you in your wig journey – even if that means you go somewhere else to purchase your wig.

After many years in the business we decided to put together a list of the most frequently asked questions our clients had about wigs. We believe that the more you know about wigs the better experience you will have when you are wearing and caring for your own. Buckle up – we have a lot to go over!

FAQ’s About Wigs Dallas

How can I make my wig look natural?  One element that is key to making your wig look natural is having a wig expert or experienced wig stylist customize your wig for you. Think of your wig as a designer suit, it may look fabulous right off the rack, but with with a little tailoring its going to look absolutely perfect.

Choosing a style that is close to your current style and hair color is also key to a natural appearance. When you feel like you look like yourself your going to have the confidence you need to own the look, and walk with your head held high.

Dialing down the factory shine on synthetic wigs can also help with any unnatural appearance.The “factory shine” will wear off on its own after a few days of wear, or after the first wash, but some people may want to take down the shine immediately. Try sprinkling a little baby powder, or using a dry shampoo on the wig, then just run your fingers through it to distribute the product.

What color should I choose? With first time wig wearers, its recommended to choose a color as close to your current hair color as possible. Transitioning into a wig can sometimes take some getting used to but seeing a familiar color and style when you look in the mirror can make the transition easier.

Once you’re comfortable wearing a wig then color can be something you have fun with. A completely different color than what your used to can be a really fast way to try a different color without permanently changing your own hair.

Will it be hot or Itchy? While it is true that back in the day wigs were both unbearably hot and itchy, wigs are manufactured today to be extremely lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. If you are hot natured, you may feel an increase in temperature because a lot of our body heat is held in by the head, however most people don’t feel the warmth bothersome enough to stop wearing their wig.

Will my wig fall off? A wig that is fitted properly will not fall off. A wig cap is more secure than it looks. The stretchy base allows it to conform to your head and fits nice and snug. Wigs offer adjustable straps so you are able to make the wig slightly larger or smaller depending on your head shape. You can bobby pin around the perimeter for extra security, even have pressure sensitive clips sewn in for maximum security. If you don’t have hair to attach the pins or clips, extension tape can be used.

Can I style my wig? A synthetic wig cannot be styled with heat tools, and to attempt to do so will likely ruin your wig. You can however wear your wig in different ways like half up half down, with a side pinned back, with a headband or a scarf, or in a low ponytail or braid. In some cases a trained wig stylist can set your wig into a different style.

If your wig is human hair you can style just as you would your own hair with heat tools flatiron, even add curls. Keep in mind that just like our own hair, too much heat styling can cause premature damage to your wig and reduce the overall life of the product, keep a low temperature setting and use a heat protectant before styling. You can also wear your wig different ways such as half up half down, with a side pinned back, with a headband or scarf, or in a low ponytail or braid.

How do I know if Human Hair or Synthetic is right for me? A thorough consultation should answer your questions about human hair versus synthetic…But basically it comes down to cost, maintenance, and versatility.

Synthetic hair is a great cost alternative to human hair. It looks and feels just like real hair. Some people prefer synthetic hair to human because it always maintains its style, you don’t have to style it every time you want to wear it. Synthetic hair also does not respond to the environment like human hair so for instance on a very humid day it won’t frizz or loose its shape.

Human hair is the most natural looking wig, because it is natural hair. Human hair offers styling versatility so people who enjoy the feeling of doing their own hair often enjoy human hair wigs because of how many different looks they can achieve. A human hair wig will also last longer than a synthetic version. You will have to style a human hair wig just as you would have to style your own hair, or take it to a trained wig stylist for setting.

FAQ’s About Wigs Dallas

What are the different types of wig cap construction? Wig technology keeps improving year after year. Wigs are becoming more and more wearable and comfortable to wear. How comfortable a wig is to wear depends on several things. The most important comfort factor is the cap. The base of any wig is referred to as a cap. The hair is attached to the wig cap using a variety of techniques to achieve different looks. On most wigs, hair is attached in “wefts.” These are strips of hair doubled over and sewn closely together in long strands. Others are hand-tied for the most natural movement. If you like to wear your hair swept away from your face, lace front wigs are the best option. If you like parting versatility, we recommend full monofilament wigs. Quick Tip: 100% Hand-Tied and double monofilament wigs are known for being gentle on sensitive scalps.

How often should I wash my wig? Washing is recommended every 7-10 wears but is always a matter of personal choice. Environment, activity level, and styling products all play a factor in when to wash your wig. You will know better than anyone when it needs a little freshening up.

What kind of haircare products should I be using on my wig? If it is human we recommend using a salon pro line designed for color treated hair. This will consist of a shampoo, conditioner, and a hair oil of some kind. Go easy on the styling products – you won’t be washing your hair everyday. Synthetic hair needs a specially formulated shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. Regular haircare products will build up over time and make your synthetic wig look heavy and “fake.”

Will wearing a wig ruin my natural hair? Nope. Think of a wig as a protective shield around your own natural hair. A wig keeps your hair safe from the sun and elements. Most people who wear a wig do less styling on their own natural hair. Chances are you will see the health of your own hair improve while you wear a wig.

How will I know what size wig to buy? 95% of customers wear an average wig size. An average size will fit a head that measures from 21.5” to 22.5”. As always a professional stylist and wig expert can help you measure your head as part of the consultation process. The wig should be worn at your natural hairline which is for most people about three to four fingers width above the eyebrows. The back of the wig should be pulled down to your natural hairline. Wigs have adjustable straps toward the nape so you can adjust your wig slightly larger or smaller for a comfortable fit. Most wigs also have ear tabs which sit at the front of the ears and can be adjusted to hold the wig tightly to the contour of the face.

Can the wig be made bigger or smaller to better fit my head? One of the most important things about wearing a wig is that it fit your head properly. Some wigs can be resized and some cannot. Most wigs can be slightly adjusted by tightening or loosening the velcro tabs or straps in the back – this tightens and loosens the perimeter of the wig. Your head may be larger or smaller in other areas which may require additional sizing by a salon professional. If needed you can order a custom wig designed to fit your exact measurements.

Do I need a wig cap? Some women feel more comfortable wearing a wig cap to help minimize slipping, particularly those that do have their own hair underneath. The hair may be slippery and a wig cap helps to keep the hair in place and provide extra grip for the wig. Wig caps can also help prevent the back of the wig from slipping (especially for those that do not have a pronounced occipital ridge). If that is the case, bobby pins can help add extra security or we can sew clips into the back of the wig that clip the wig into the hair.

Can I wear my wig while cooking and using the oven? Okay, maybe this isn’t a question most of our clients have, however, it should be! If you are wearing (or plan on purchasing) a human hair wig – skip this. A synthetic wig (top piece, hair extensions) can be easily scorched (singed) by the heat released when you open your oven. The heat can permanently damage your wig! Be aware of your surroundings – campfires, grills, and those outdoor space heaters on patios during the winter months.

Should I have more than one wig? It depends on why you are wearing a wig. Is it for fun or occasional wear? Then, no. Do you wear your wig daily? Then yes. Wigs can last longer if not worn daily. You can be washing and air-drying one while wearing the other. If you wear human hair or heat-friendly synthetic hair, you can keep one styled straight and the other curly to reduce stress.

What is the best way to store a wig? A wig stand or mannequin is ideal. It will help keep the hair from becoming tangled and will help to maintain shape. Also, see if you can find a cool, dry spot to keep wigs in the best condition.

Can I swim or shower with my wig? Probably not the best idea. Wearing a wig while it is wet can stretch it out and even compromise the cap construction. In addition, the chemicals in a pool or ocean can damage human hair and synthetic hair.

How long will my wig last? A good synthetic wig that you wear everyday will last about 3 to 5 months. A good human hair will last 9 months or more. Some people can get a human hair wig to last well over a year. It just depends on how you take care of it and how often you wear it.