Brazilian Blowout Dallas

Spring and summer weather is approaching us. My client’s don’t look forward to it because of the heat and humidity that causes their hair to turn into a nightmare that they just can’t handle.  To get the control without the frizz would be an amazing remedy, right?

What is the Best of the Frizzy Hair Treatments?

The Brazilian Blowout has been on the market for about six years.  There has been a lot of controversy over the product, it has been taken off the market and even banned in some states.  It has been reevaluated, then put back into salons. Don’t be afraid – turns out all that was needed was a little more education on how to use the product. At The Beauty Box Salon we practice safe Brazilian Blowouts with proper ventilation and protective eyewear.

What exactly is the Brazilian Blowout?  The Brazilian Blowout is the best of all the Frizzy Hair Treatments. Basically, it  is a semi permanent smoothing treatment that helps reduce frizz and styling time.  The Brazilian Blowout actually helps the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around every hair shaft which leads to the major reduction in frizz.

There are about six different steps that happen during this treatment.  Through every step you will be using Brazilian Blowout product.  The first step in the treatment is to clarify the hair at least six times,you hair is going to feel really clean.  Then the product will be applied to your hair and then blowed dry with a round brush.  Once your hair is dried it will be flat ironed section by section, which is a really important part.  The heat of the flat iron seals in the keratin solution so your hair stays shiny and healthy.  Once the main parts of  the treatment are complete all there is left to do is one last rinse out of the product and conditioning mask and a bombshell blowout! At this point in your salon visit you should definitely see a difference in your hair and a reduction in frizz!

Every step of the way is so important to get promising results in this treatment.  Be prepared to be in the salon for a minimum of one hour or more, just depending on the length and density of your hair it could be more or less time.  Your end results will be so worth it in the end.

Remember that this product never promises permanently straightening the hair, but it does promise to reduce the frizz  by 75% to 80%, which definitely means saving time on styling in the mornings.  And hey I’m sure we would all love to sleep in an extra hour in the mornings!