Who turned heads wowing us and who turned heads not once but twice… just to make sure that was what we were seeing?  I have to admit though I think every designer got together to see who could make the best fishtail dress… because that seemed to be the style of dress for the evening. 

But it wasn’t about who made the best design it was about who wore it best!!  What were the different hairstyles that you saw with the fishtail dresses?  Elegant chic chignon, part down the middle with loose curls, and my favorite of all was the glamorous hairstyle with vintage curls with the hair tucked behind one ear.  

So which starlets looked their best?  I have to say that my favorite of the whole night was Taylor Swift.  Wearing a dark purple Donna Karan fishtail gown, out of this trend Taylor wore it best, I just loved loved loved the look.  But above all I loved the fact that Taylor finally decided to step out of the box and go for a new glamorous look, which you have to agree, she rocked!!! 

Speaking of glamorous, you can’t help but always pick Heidi Klum.  I mean I don’t know what was hotter the slit up her dress or her hair!!! I seriously loved how she looked from head to toe, speaking of toe, ummmm did we see those amazing gold Louis Vuitton heels?!!!  

Another amazing actress that looked just breathe taking in a Roberto Cavalli dress was Hayden Panettiere. I can honestly say that is her best Red Carpet look EVER. The blush gown looked amazing on her skin tone, her makeup was flawless, and I loved her hair parted down the middle with loose curls.  Like I said she looked her best ever, way to go girlfriend!! 

Now for those that got the double look… but not in a good way.  First off what was up with a mini dress under sheer fabric…. you either go with a long gown or with a short one.  Ugh.  And did we see the couture mullet dress worn by Kerry Washington, seriously though mullet, party in the front business in the back.  Nothing more to say there. 

Then we had Rachel Weisz in Louis Vuitton, disgusting is the only word I have for this one.  Its pretty much a tube top mini dress with extra sheer fabric to the floor and add on sleeves.  Really we couldn’t finish the dress not to mention it was dragging on the ground, I’m surprised she didn’t trip over herself.  

Here is a big shocker,Helena Bonham Carter, I mean she just always looks trashy.  First off on her Dolce & Gabbana dress had way to many types of fabrics, it was too much. Then her hair was just a ratted up hot mess that was thrown on top of her head… oh and what about those red lips?!?! Sadly I’m talking about her clutch, and we’ll end it on that note!!  Until next time my friends, Ciao.