It's film and television awards season everyone!  The Golden Globes were this past weekend and I'm always excited to see how everyone looks walking down the red carpet.

This was the year of the really bad gown. 

I may just work at a small salon in dallas however I think I would do a better job as a stylist for some of these celebrities who either used a bad stylist or decided to dress themselves.  

Angelina Jolie, Michelle Williams, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Octavia Spencer, and Emma Stone were among my favorites. What the heck was with Jessica Biel? HELLO GRANDMA!  There were also a lot of smashed boobs this year. Ever here of a last minute fitting?

I can't criticize much about the hair styles this year. Over all I liked them very much. There were a lot of loose updo's. Some nice loose beachy waves. Lot's of soft romantic looking hair this year.  

The only one I can really fault is Zooey Deschanel. I wasn't into the mod style she was sporting. But yet is wasn't terrible. Good Job hair stylists. Fashion stylists, you are all fired. You would think that these ladies have at least one gay friend to veto these bad choices. They get racks and racks of choices for these shows. All I can say is that celebrity and money can't buy taste.

The stylist union of Los Angeles must have been on strike for this awards show. Lets hope their demands are met and back on the job for the Oscars. Good lord!

Over all the show was really good. I'm happy for all of the winners and Ricky Gervais was really funny.

There were a lot of good movies and lots of talented performances this past year. Now it's on to the SAG Awards and then the Oscars. Pull yourselves together ladies. You really don't want Joan Rivers to call you out again.