I have been working with hair extensions for a long time. From my station at the salon in Dallas where I work, I have seen it all! Bad Extensions are the worst. Stylists who let their clients walk away looking like Billy Ray Cyrus when he sings Achy Breaky Heart should lose their license. First of all, the stylist is responsible for giving you all the information they can and the client is responsible for following that information to a “T”.

It happens all the time, you’re sick of your hair, or you had a bad hair cut, or you end up with the wrong stylist at the wrong salon. Do you’re homework and pay attention to details. Ask questions, look online and buy the necessary products to take care of your hair!

It happens all the time. The client is told to invest in hair care products for usually under $60. And they refuse. This is a costly mistake. After all you’re spending a pretty penny to have long hair, why wouldn’t spend the necessary money to make that investment last as long as possible? If you can’t afford to take care of your extensions, you can’t afford the extensions to begin with. 

Investing in the right products is really important and trust me they work. Nothing at Target can help you. Those products are not made for over processed human hair extensions. So do me a favor, trust your stylist. If you trust them enough to give you good hair extensions, then trust them to recommend good products.

Go with your gut instinct. If you don’t feel right about anything being said to you or if you have doubts give yourself some time to think about it. And ask questions. LOTS of questions.

Hair extensions can make you look beautiful or make you look like a fool. Celebrities make the same mistake we do…wrong place, wrong stylist.