Great Lengths Hair Extensions Dallas | If you have done any research at all about Dallas hair extensions chances are you have heard about Great Lengths Hair Extensions. Great Lengths Extensions are billed as the “Rolls Royce” of hair extensions. Why? Because Great Lengths Extensions are known for their amazing hair quality and ability to customize to almost any hair type.

Great Lengths started back in London in 1991. They have become a leader in the hair extension arena. Chances are you have seen many people (celebrities too) wearing Great Lengths Hair Extensions and didn’t even know it!

How are Great Lengths Extensions Applied?

Great Lengths Hair Extensions are known in the industry as a fusion hair extension method. The short of it is that the hair extensions are “bonded” or “fused” to the your own hair about 30 hair strands at a time.

Great Lengths hair extensions are applied in a very detailed and meticulous way. The “bonds” are tailored to fit the exact density of your own hair. This is why Great Lengths Extensions look so unbelievably real. Also, this attachment method allows for the ultimate style flexibility when wearing hair extensions.

If that wasn’t cool enough Great Lengths has invented a way to attach the keratin bonds to your own hair without using heat! Every other type fusion hair extension requires heat to soften the bond so it can be attached to your own hair. Great Lengths has a patented machine that uses a high frequency vibration that softens the bond without any heat!

This high frequency attaches the hair extension to your own hair at a molecular level. Basically, it attaches the hair extension to your hair in a way that it really becomes your hair. Great Lengths is known for how beautiful and durable they are. What this means for you is less maintenance – Great Lengths feel so much like your own hair that you will forget that you are wearing hair extensions!

Great Lengths are so small that they can be applied higher up on the head. In addition, volume can be added to areas like the fringe (bang) area. No other fusion hair extension is able to do this.

How Long Will Great Lengths Extensions Last?

With proper care and maintenance Great Lengths Hair Extensions will last approximately 3 to 5 months. How long they last depends on several variables. One of the biggest is how small each bond is customized on your head. The smaller the bond the shorter the life span. We offer a free consultation to walk you through the details of your application of Great Lengths Hair Extensions Dallas.

Best Salon for Great Lengths Extensions Dallas

Great Lengths allow for the ultimate flexibility and quality – as a company they have set the bar when it comes to extensions. Great Lengths require all of it’s salons to take an intensive 3 day class in order to be certified to apply Great Lengths.

The Beauty Box Salon takes that one step further – we only send our very best stylists to become certified to do Great Lengths Hair Extensions. Our Dallas Salon prides itself on only offering the very best Dallas Hair Extensions. You won’t like wearing Great Lengths Hair Extensions – you will LOVE IT! 

We offer a free “no pressure” consultation to walk you through all the details about how Great Lengths Hair Extensions Dallas. 


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