Last month we introduced you to the mixologists at Sebastian and their Hair Cocktails with Braider-Ade! Our livers got thirsty learning about The Braider-Ade so we sought out a drink to pair with the Braider-Ade and stumbled upon The Firefly Spiked Arnold Palmer. And they both hit the spot with a bullseye.

This month we are excited to share with you the “Shaken Up” Cocktail which we’re pairing with the Classic Vodka Martini, and yes, we’re making it James Bond Style.

Hair Cocktail Recipe

Shaken Up: Stir up your look with a little structured chaos! Taking the bed head style to the next level, this woman uses volume to set off the richter scale. Mix up a little Shaken Up and you’re ready for a night of shaking what your mama gave ya!


1. Prep hair with Sebastian Professional Potion 9.
2. Apply a liberal amount of Mousse Forte to the roots.
3. Flip head upside down and blow-dry the roots to hold in the volume.
4. Section hair and spray each section with Shaper before curling with a large barrel curling iron. Roll and pin each section against the head for maximum volume.
5. Release the set and brush out the curls. Back combe the base of the crown to add volume and texture to the base.
6. Finish with Shaper.

Classic Vodka Martini Recipe

Vodka Martini : A cocktail made infamous by James Bond, the Vodka Martini has de-throned The Classic Martini (Gin) in America. Celebrate the reigning cocktail with this recipe.


1. Fill your cocktail glass with ice to chill the glass while you mix your martini
2. Add ice to your shaker (about halfway full) and add 3-4 ounces of your favorite vodka. We recommend Stoli or Grey Goose
Pour in about a teaspoon of vermouth. Experiment with different amounts to find your taste.
3. Cover the shaker and shake for about 30 seconds.  The point of shaking your martini is so you can break off fragments from the larger pieces of ice to be added to your drink to help in chilling it for longer. It is also good at diluting your cocktail. This isn’t always a bad thing, since this cocktail is essentially all alcohol.
4. Remove the ice from your martini glass and sift in the vodka and vermouth
5. Garnish with an olive or two or a lemon twist if you are so inclined
6. Sip and enjoy!