Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Extensions

We are dedicated to the art and science of hair extensions. We believe that everyone deserves the hair of their dreams. Here is a basic breakdown of how our hair extension program works and what to expect when you get hair extensions at The Beauty Box Salon.

How does it work?

You will need to book a free hair extension consultation with one of our hair extension specialists. This is so we can go over what kind of hair extension is right for you and answer any questions you may have. The consultation process takes about 30 minutes.

During the consultation you will get to see and touch the hair extensions that are right for your hair type. We will provide you with a detailed listing of how much everything will cost.

Your hair extension service will include:

  • Hair extension product
  • Hair extension application
  • Cut in of hair extensions
  • Style out
  • Education on how to take care of your extensions

Any other services received will be extra. In addition, hair extension maintenances and removals are extra.

Once a hair extension system is selected your stylist will choose a color that is perfect for your hair. A deposit is made (usually about 50% of the total cost) and an appointment is made to have your hair extensions installed.

Hair Extension Consultations 

The Beauty Box Salon provides a free hair extension consultation. We ask that all new hair extension clients book a hair extension consultation before scheduling their first hair extension application – even if you have worn or are currently wearing hair extensions.

This is done so we can make sure that the proper hair extension product is being used to suit your lifestyle and desired results. The Beauty Box Salon prides itself on keeping up on the latest hair extension innovations and trends. We want to make sure you are getting the best hair extension service available and that’s why we offer a free 30 minute consultation. You will get to speak face to face with a licensed cosmetologist so they can go over your hair extension needs, desired results, length, pricing, and care.

Our hair extension consultations are always free. Once you and your stylist decide on a hair extension system you will need to make a deposit to reserve your hair extension application time.

Hair Extension Consultations on the Phone

At this time we do not provide hair extension consultations over the phone. We think you deserve a hands-on face-to-face consultation to make sure our experts fully understand what you are trying to achieve with hair extensions.

Our front desk staff can only answer very basic questions regarding hair extensions. We believe that any advice given about hair extension should be done by a licensed professional.

We provide a very large online resource to help you do a little research before you come in for a proper consult.

Hair Extension Systems Offered & Estimated Application Life

Tape-In Hair Extensions & Life Span

  • Bellami – 6-12 months
  • Ultratress II – Up to 16 weeks
  • Quickkies by Hairdreams – Up to 24 weeks
  • Easilengths by Easihair Pro – Up to 16 weeks
  • Simplicity Hair Grafts – 6 to 8 weeks

Hot Fusion

  • Hairdreams – 4 to 6 months
  • Balmain 3 to 5 months

Cold Fusion

  • Klix – Up to 15 weeks
  • Balmain Double Hair – 3 to 5 month

Hair Extension Deposits

  • Deposits are required to secure your hair extension appointment. A hair extension application cannot be booked unless a deposit has been made. A hair extension deposit ranges from 25% to 50% of the total cost.
  • Hair Extension deposits are applied toward the total cost of your hair extension service.
  • Deposits are non-refundable once product has been ordered. This also applies for no show appointments and/or cancellations of hair extension appointments.

Same Day Consultations and Applications

  • It is our official stance that we recommend a consult before booking any hair extension service.
  • Same day consultations and applications are limited to tape extensions.
  • If you have worn tape-in hair extensions before more than likely a same day application can happen. We cannot guarantee that the appropriate product we be in stock.
  • If you wish to move forward with a same day consult and application, a $100 deposit is required.  These funds will be applied toward any hair extension service received.
  • If no hair extension service is received this deposit is non refundable. The deposit will go toward compensating the stylist for the time that was marked off for the extension application.
  • If the correct tape-in hair extension system isn’t available the deposit can be put toward the purchase of the appropriate color and/or system. Your appointment will will then be rebooked for a future date. Please note that The Beauty Box Salon does not cover the cost of shipping.

Hair Extension Care Products

  • You will need to purchase certain products in order for us to guarantee all hair extension products and services.
  • Hair care regimens need to be purchased after each new application of hair extensions.
  • Hair extensions really do require specific product in order for them to look as beautiful and natural as you want them to.

Hair Extension Warranty

At The Beauty Box Salon we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products and service.

  • All hair extension services require the purchase of a basic hair care regimen in order to guarantee the application.
  • Provided you have purchased required care products, The Beauty Box Salon offers a 4 week limited warranty on all hair extension products and services. If there is anything wrong with the quality or workmanship within this time period The Beauty Box Salon will fix at no additional charge.
  • Problems that may occur after 4 weeks but under 12 may be eligible for a 25% discount.
  • The Beauty Box Salon does not guarantee you will like hair extensions, however, we guarantee the quality and workmanship of your hair extensions.
  • We will provide you with a daily list of care instructions.
  • A free follow up appointment is provided and required within 1 week of your appointment for any new hair application.
  • New extension clients are required book a 1 week check up in order for the Hair Extension Warranty to be valid.
  • The Beauty Box Salon cannot responsible for the cost of a hair extension removal if the you decide that hair extensions are not for you. Rest assured we will do everything we can to make sure you are happy with your extension service
  • Absolutely NO REFUNDS are available for hair extensions deposits and services

Hair Extension Maintenance & Damage

All hair extension systems require a certain level of maintenance and care. Your stylist will go over all these details during your consult and application.

We want to make sure you hair extensions are performing properly. It is our goal to make sure that there is never any damage to your own hair from wearing hair extensions.

There are three causes of hair extension damage:

  • Improper application
  • Improper care
  • Improper removal

The Beauty Box Salon asks that you come in for regular scheduled maintenance and to always have your extensions professionally removed.

All maintenance must be done at The Beauty Box Salon. In some cases you may need to work done at another salon. We ask that you call the salon and we will work to find you a salon certified in the type of hair extensions you are wearing.

Basic Hair Extension Care

  • Do not wash your new hair extensions for 48 hours after the initial installation.
  • Purchase and properly use recommend hair care regimen.
  • Shampoo and condition hair every other day.
  • Brushing your hair extension 2 to 3 times a day is necessary.
  • Keep conditioners and any oil based products away from where the hair extension attaches to your own hair.
  • Curling irons and flat irons can be used on a medium heat setting. When using a hot tool be sure to stay at least 1 – 2 inches away from the bond attachment site.
  • We recommend all hair color services be done in the salon. Due to the complex nature of hair extensions, do not attempt to color your own hair at home.
  • Try to avoid getting your hair extensions in the pool or ocean. Chlorine and salt are very hard on hair extensions. If you must, ask your stylist about the best way to protect your hair extensions without compromising your hair extensions.

Get a more detailed description on how to take care of your specific hair extension system – Daily Care Regimen for Hair Extensions

Quick Fixes

Due to the nature of hair extensions there are times that you may lose a few extensions or slipping may occur. New hair extension clients experience things like this more than clients who have been wearing hair extensions for awhile.

Losing hair extensions or slippage of any kind is the exception not the rule. If it is 1-2 this is normal. Let the client know to keep whatever extensions they have lost and bring them to their next scheduled visit.  If it is more than that then a client should call the salon and ask to speak to their stylist immediately. More than likely there’s a couple care things in their care regimen that is going to need to be adjusted.

If the bond failure or slipping is due to workmanship we will gladly fix it at no charge. If it was the client’s fault then we offer what is called a quick fix. For a small fee we will reapply (if possible) the hair extensions they are having trouble with.

Quick fixes available for any client who has had a small problem with their extensions. Quick fixes do not include a blowout. Make sure you explain to the client they need to come in with clean, dry, oil free hair. Quick fixes take less than 15 minutes and cost on average $15 per repair.

Troubleshooting Extension Problems

Most problems with hair extensions happen within the first couple of weeks. Your hair extension experience should be fun and easy. Here is what you need to do if you experience any issues with your hair extensions.

  • Remain calm and call the salon. Most problems can be fixed very easily.
  • Grab a bobbi pin and secure the loose extension back into place. If the extension is no longer attached be sure to keep it and bring it in with you.
  • If something doesn’t seem right just give the salon a call. You will go through a troubleshooting process that will get you back to awesome in no time.
  • Little things happen from time to time so if you need to schedule a “quick fix” appointment or if you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact the salon.

I didn’t buy the required care products:

Your hair extensions should be maintained with the proper hair care regimen that was recommended by your stylist. If you are experiencing problems with your extensions and have not purchased required products chances are your hair extensions need a deep conditioning treatment.

Book out a blow out and let the front desk know you need a deep conditioning treatment and that you need to purchase hair extension care products.

I am using the required care products

The Beauty Box Salon requires you purchase new hair care regimen every time you get a new hair extension application.

If you encounter hair quality problems within the first 30 days we will bring you in to assess any issues you may be having. You will be booked for a blowout and deep conditioning treatment at no charge.

Your hair extensions will be shampooed and several repairing conditioners will be applied. Most hair extension quality issues are happen because the extensions are not getting the proper balance of conditioning.

If we are not able to revive your extensions and it is determined that it is indeed a product defect we will order you new hair and book a new service with your original stylist as soon as possible.

Quality issues that may incur after 4 weeks but under 12 weeks will not qualify for a complete redo. We will, however, offer a 25% discount off your service provided all care and maintenance have been followed.

We do not recommend wearing for longer than the time recommended by your stylist.

Tangling or matting of any kind needs to be addressed ASAP. Call the salon immediately to book out an appointment. Let the front desk know what is happening.

Hair Extension Removal

All professionally installed hair extensions should be removed by a trained professional. Please do not ever attempt to remove your hair extensions at home. Improper removal of hair extension can cause severe damage to your own hair.

Hair extension removals start at $100.00/hour and to up to $150/hour depending upon the type of system you have in your hair.

If you are having a hair extension system reapplied (Tape or Cold Fusion) we offer a removal at no charge as long as you are having them reapplied. If you are taking them out and not reapplying the regular removal fee will apply.
The Beauty Box Salon cannot be responsible for the cost of  the hair extension removal if the you decide that hair extensions are not for you. Rest assured we will do everything we can to make sure you are happy with your extension service.