So, you’re still a virgin when it comes to hair extensions?

You must have tons of questions?! Our first words of hair extension advice is to not be afraid to try something new. Most hair extension salons will give you a free hair extension consultation. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Hair Extensions Dallas Salons

Hair Extensions are not only a great way to add length but to add volume. There are generally two different types of hair extension clients. The client that wants it longer and thicker and the client that just wants it thicker.

Most people are afraid due to the hair extension horror stories they have heard. Misinformation and inexperienced stylists are the main cause of these stories. If you have all the information and team that up with a well trained hairdresser you have the formula for great hair extensions. You can apply this to any salon service.

Here are a few tips on shopping around for Hair Extensions:

1. Educate yourself before you arrive at the consultation.
2. Ask lots of questions.
3. Ask to see examples of the stylists work.
4. Cheap is scary. Be very afraid of overly discounted extensions.
5. Be sure you know how to properly take care of and maintain your extensions.
6. You will need the right after care products. This is essential because hair extensions require specific products to keep them looking beautiful

Hair Extensions are meant to be fun. As a successful Dallas salon We can honestly say that our clients leave satisfied and feel beautiful when they leave the salon. A great experience for everyone. That’s exactly the way its supposed to be.

The first time is always the hardest. You may even feel a bit nervous and that’s ok. Just follow the above steps. If you are not ready for hair extensions then it’s ok to wait until you are. Hair extensions can be an amazing and life changing experience. As with most things in life you want to make sure your first time is special. Need more info? Hair Extensions Dallas Salons


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