A lot of planning and preparation goes into your big day. The guest list, theme, location, food; the number of things to be mindful of seems to go on and on. But the most important thing to prep for is the way you will look!

Brides dream of having gorgeous hair on their wedding day. While a lot of brides rock short hair looks, most these days start growing their hair longer to acquire that perfect princess look. While not everyone is capable of growing their locks as long as they want them to be, with hair extensions everyone can achieve that gorgeous look that they covet.

A lot of people tend to delude themselves into believing that hair extension only add to the length of the wearer’s hair. The truth is, hair extensions can be used to not only increase the length of the original hair, but they can also add to its volume by doubling or tripling the thickness.

1. Clip-in Hair Extensions

Most brides usually go for clip in hair extensions. They can easily be clipped in whenever the bride needs to rock them. On the wedding day, she can simply wake up and wear her clip in extensions herself to add volume and length in practically no time. These hair extensions are usually available in a variety of colors to match any hair color but even then if you are not able to find the perfect match, you can always dye them the color of your hair.

Hair Extensions Dallas Wedding

2. Tape-in Hair Extensions

Another option for wedding day hair extensions is the tape ins. Tape in hair extensions are usually very easy to apply since you just have to remove the protective strip and stick the adhesive side on the scalp. If you do not want to be faced with the task on the big day, get clip in hair extensions in your hair a few days before your big day. These usually stay in for a couple of weeks.

They are considered more permanent as compared to the clip-ins but are not as long lasting as the strand to strand ones. These hair extensions are reusable. When the adhesive doesn’t stick to your scalp anymore, you can always go to the hair stylist and get more applied to them. An alcohol solution spray is normally used to weaken the adhesive to remove hair extensions.

3. Strand-by-Strand Bonded Hair Extensions

If you are looking for long lasting and permanent options that will last at least a good four months, you should look into getting fusion hair extensions. These are small bunches of hair extensions that are bonded to the natural hair via a heat tool and keratin. These hair extensions are applied by a professional hairstylist. Normally an alcohol solution and an extension removal tool is used to break the bonds without damaging the wearer’s natural hair.

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