We have many women come in for consultations wanting more hair, but there problem area is the top of the head. They are women who are starting to notice that their hair is limp and not as full as it use to be. They have tried numerous solutions such as thickening products, supplements and some type of topical to no avail. They’re not ready to do a top piece but wanting more hair on the top of the head.

Hair Extensions for the Top of Your Head?

Many extensions are not ideal for top of the head application because of the visibility. There is nothing like having to worry if someone can see your extensions. Also with the hair being so delicate it can only withstand a certain amount of weight before there is damage or breakage.

There is an amazing product that fit the needs of women wanting more hair on top. It’s called Simplicity Hair Grafts. What you’ll love is the seamless blending. Their revolutionary adhesive technology and scalloped edges make the grafts fasten securely, and blend from the hairline to the crown adding volume and fullness to fine thin hair. It also means the hair is super light and comfortable, which will prevent tension on the client’s own hair.

They come in 38 shades. Out of those shades they do offer 6 grey shades for clients with fine or thinning hair who want density and it also blend with their natural hair color.Simplicity Hair Grafts allow you to have the fullness you’ve always wanted or wanted back.


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