Most women begin planning for their wedding at least a year before the wedding. This usually starts an epic journey  of growing their hair out for the big wedding day. Some women make it and most women don’t. Growing your hair to a length that is optimal for an updo can take a couple years.

If you have thin fine hair this process can be even worse. Once you have taken all that time to grow out your hair – it still isn’t thick enough to achieve the look you have been dreaming of since you were 7. Don’t panic. We have a solution – Hair Extensions for Your Dallas Wedding Day!

You do not have to grow your hair super long in order to have  your dream ‘do for your wedding day!

Hair Extensions for Your Dallas Wedding Day?

The answer is YES!!

Looking your best on your wedding day is a must for any bride. Hair Extensions for Your Dallas Wedding Day are a great way to complement your look for your big day. Once you have your clothes, it is time to start thinking about how you want your hair to look. If you dream of beautiful long flowing hair, but in fact have a stubborn refusal to grow past your shoulders, then it is time to consider hair extensions. Currently hair extensions look really natural and they will cost less than your wedding dress and they last way beyond your honeymoon.

Deciding what look is best for your wedding day does not have to be stressful. We have all kinds of ways to add hair extensions. You can wear them daily or you can easily apply them for just your special day.

FAQ’s About Dallas Wedding Hair Extensions

What can you achieve with hair extensions? If you see something you like in a magazine or on the Internet, we encourage you to bring a photo of what your looking for. With extensions in the mix almost any look is possible.

I really want my stylist to do my hair on the big day!  We are used to working with many Dallas stylists that do bridal hair. Although we are happy to help you with your wedding ‘do, we are also perfectly comfortable just applying your Dallas Wedding Hair Extensions.

When is the right time to get Hair Extensions for Your Dallas Wedding Day? We recommend getting your extensions at least 1 month prior to your bid day. Book your consult out at least 90 days before the wedding.

What hair extension are right for me? Book a consultation – Let us help you make this the easy part of planning your Dallas wedding. Simply fill out the form below and you will receive a couple emails that will help educate you on what hair extensions are best for your wedding day. We have something for every budget.  In addition, you will receive $50 toward any hair extension system.

Do your homework. Ask questions, be cautious because done right it can be a wonderful experience. Many salons offer hair extensions – most aren’t experts. Your special day is important. Consultations are completely free and take about 30 minutes.

Book a Free “No Pressure” Consultation Now – Get $50 off Hair Extensions for Your Dallas Wedding Day.

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