Are you tired of your hair color? Needing something different? Thinking about going to the store and doing it yourself?


Why, you ask? When you go to buy color from the store you get exactly that, a color out of the box that is generic and made for anyone. Box colors use more concentration of dye and developer which causes your hair to be more dry and frizzy. Box colors also tend to look more flat and dull because it uses only one color dye.

Here’s a scenario, these events actually did in fact happen.

A regular client comes into the salon, her hair is tied into a ponytail with a baseball cap on and her facial expression is as if she’s killed someone. She takes off her cap and what we had was a murky, sewer green color on what normally is a beautiful blonde!

We, as stylists, already know what’s happened.

She proceeds to tell us her story. A couple of girlfriends, a little vino and an itch to make her a brunette. End of story.

On to the color correction, which is an art and science for us stylists might I add.

Luckily this story ends with a happily ever after and our client back to a beautiful blonde. But that isn’t always the case. Applying hair color to hair in great condition is completely different from applying color to hair that has been damaged or porous.

We want your hair to stay in the healthiest condition possible! More times than not, clients in my chair that have done at home box color are coming to get it fixed. And it could take several appointments to completely fix what’s been broken.

So if you’re itching to get something done to your hair, don’t give in to that little devil on your shoulder. Make an appointment with us at The Beauty Box!