Top Hairdreams Hair Extensions Dallas – So, whoever came up with the name Hairdreams is a genius because that is exactly what it is! If you haven’t heard of Hairdreams Hair Extensions here’s the scoop…

About Hairdreams

Hairdreams has been a worldwide leader of hair extensions for many years. Only absolutely healthy hair is passed through Hairdreams quality control. There are two categories with the extensions, which are 5 star quality and 7 star quality. 7 star special quality is made from high grade European hair. This hair is hand selected and hand sorted.  It can even be re-bonded so that you get extra long wear out of the extensions. The wearing period for the initial set ranges anywhere from 4-6 months unless it is re-bonded, which then would be longer overall wear time.

How It Works

Hairdreams is attached using a bonding system. There are four different size bonds so that they are customizable to each person’s lifestyle and hair type. I find this especially convenient when it comes to having your hair up while exercising, for example. Because you can select smaller bond sizes for the perimeter you can conceal them better using your own hair. HairDreams even has their own hair care system. This includes beauty cleansing shampoo, regeneration care, pH and shine spray and much more.

Why I love Hairdreams

From personal experience, I have had a handful of clients who have tried many different types of extensions throughout the years and will now never stray away from Hairdreams extensions. Once you are introduced to this system and are well informed of the daily hair care regimen you will realize that it is beyond exceptional!