Top pieces are a great way to make your own hair look thicker and fuller. Depending upon your type of hair loss a top piece can be a better fit than a wig. In addition, there may come a time where own grows back enough so you can ditch the wig and move over to a top piece. That’s why we are proud to carry an exclusive top piece collection by the world renowned hair extension brand, Hairdreams.

Hairdreams is known for their human amazing hair quality. You can rest assured that absolutely no corners are cut when making any Hairdreams product. The best part of a Hairdreams top piece is that they can be fully customized to suit almost anyone’s needs.

Hairdreams Top Pieces Dallas

Highline Top of the Head “Extensions” by Hairdreams | Thinning Hair Solutions for Women Dallas

The Hairdreams Highline Crown Extensions Dallas

When it comes to women’s hair loss solutions many Dallas women are intimidated by the stigma that is often attached to hair replacement. Not everyone is ready to jump on the wig bandwagon nor do the need to.

Have you ever thought?

  • What if I have just a little bit of thinning?
  • What if I don’t want to wear a full hair piece or wig?
  • What if you just need more volume on a daily basis?

Hairdreams Highline Crown Extensions Dallas

Finally, hair replacement technology for women has caught up with the needs of the modern day women. Hairdreams carries a line of hair replacement solutions for women that suit a variety of needs.

The Hairdreams Highline Crown Extensions Dallas was designed for the women who just needs a little bit more hair on the top of her head. This versatile hair integration piece is fantastic for thinning hair or if you just need to create a little more volume on the top of your head. Learn more about Hairdreams Highline 



Microline by Hairdreams | Thinning Hair Solutions for Women Dallas

Many Dallas women who have extremely thin fine hair or suffer from female pattern baldness don’t know that there are some very clever and undetectable solutions available on the market these days. Hair replacement technology has gotten a lot better over the years. The reality is that you can quickly and easily be back to your normal self in under two hours.

Women’s Hairloss Dallas – Hairdreams Microline

One of the best Dallas hair replacement solutions available on the market is Hairdreams’ Microline. It is a top of the head permanent hair extension system. It is made of the best human hair available. What that means for you is a seamless integration into your own hair. No one will know that you are wearing anything.

It is the perfect solution for any woman who has reached a certain level of thinning that no volumizing shampoo or backcombing will ever cover. This system requires you to have enough hair to be pulled through the net, or else the structure will be visible. Learn more about Hairdreams Microline



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