Laura Barsotti is stylist with over 25 years of salon experience. This is her Ellen Wille Wigs Review.

Back in my 20’s I used to wear wigs for the fun of it – just because I could. It was a great way to change my hair for the day without commitment. When I got a bit older I stopped wearing them. I felt that wearing wigs and all of the fun colors wasn’t appropriate for my age. I thought, “What will people think?”. It took me awhile to figure out that if it’s a really great quality wig, no one even knows your wearing one. (unless you tell them)

So now in my 40’s, I am wearing them again and I love them! The return to wigs started with an accident. I sustained an injury to my finger preventing me from doing my own hair. In addition, due to the shock of hitting my head in the accident, I experienced hair loss on the top of my head. I just wasn’t comfortable with that much of my scalp showing.

Hair loss is a huge issue for both men and women for a variety of reason, sometimes permanent and sometimes temporary. This said, I decided that it was time to revisit wigs and this time with a high quality couture line called Ellen Wille. After wearing Ellen Wille wigs for a couple of weeks, I figured out there was a huge difference in how a good wig “feels” on your hair vs an inexpensive one. Ellen Wille wigs are so comfortable that I would often forget I even had one on!

Very few people are open enough to wear different hair everyday and not care what anyone else thinks. Due to my injuries, I had no choice but to jump on the wig band wagon. I quickly fell in love knowing I can have any hair I want, when I want it. You don’t have to go around not loving your hair or the way you look. Wigs have changed so much. It was really empowering to embrace my inner wig girl.

My hair has been growing back and my cast comes off tomorrow. After my amazing experience with Ellen Wille, I still plan on wearing wigs –  it makes my busy lifestyle so much easier and they are simply so much fun! So whether it’s a wig for a day or a wig for a lifetime, Ellen Wille is a great option. After my experience, I urge everyone to give it wearing a wig a try. You never know, you might just become a wig girl like me!



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