I am not sure what the statistics are on women who color their hair versus women who don’t, however, I do know that in Dallas more women do the color than don’t.  You would think that with all those ladies who need color done that Dallas hairstylists would have it down to an exact science, right?

Well, ladies, such is not the case. I cannot tell you how much bad color I see in my chair. The sad thing is that most of these ladies are very easy to please. They just needed someone to do something so difficult and so rare … listen to them!

When haircolor goes wrong it can be a traumatic experience. It can make or break your entire look. Most women have a horror story or two about the 2 years it took them to grow their hair out because Pierre was having a bad day.

Here are three basic components to getting a good color:  
1. Skill. Basically, can your stylist foil and/or apply color properly.
2. Product/Color Knowledge. Does your stylist know basic color theory and do they know how to properly formulate the color line.
3. What’s their personality like? Do you like them? Are they trustworty?

Yeah, it’s a lot more complex than you think. This is why good color always costs more than bad color… right?

The answer to that is yes and no. Just because it is really expensive does not mean it’s really good. The one thing I can guarantee is that if your Dallas hairdresser is good at doing color and they are really cheap right now, they won’t be for long.

I heard a saying on The Cooking Channel the other night, “Cream always rises to the top, baby”. Yes, it does! Good hair color will be rewarded with more clients.

Do your online research and don’t be afraid to ask someone where they get their hair done. Thats’s right, stop anyone you see and ask them where they got their awesome hair color done. My clients are my walking advertisement.

Book a consultation and ask to see some before and after pics. How does the stylist make you feel? If you don’t get that warm fuzzy feeling then tell them you need to think about it and that you will get back. Choosing the best hair color salon starts with finding the best “fit” for you.

I always joke that I am into long term relationships with my clients that’s why I take so much time getting to know their needs.

If cost is a primary concern I always recommend going to a salon that builds new stylists. At The Beauty Box Salon we invest a lot of time and energy educating our new stylists. The great thing about using one of our new talents is that you get the expertise of other more veteran stylists.

We treat these budding hair color experts like little brothers or sisters… we keep an eye out and make ourselves readily available just in case anyone has a question. Also, these new stylists train all the time on perfecting their skill. You can be assured that their foiling skills are at an expert level.

We take hair color very seriously! No stylist is allowed to do anything that they don’t feel they can. There have been a couple of times I have stepped in and moved a client to a more experienced stylist. Corrective color is tricky even for stylists who have been in the game for a bit.

If you take the time to invest in a new stylist they will always make sure to take care of you as they grow. I have been doing hair in Dallas since 2001 and still make special exceptions for the clients that have been with me since the beginning. There is a special bond that is almost sacred between us.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to always ask questions and always listen to your gut. We all a know a snow job but sometimes are afraid tosay  anything until it’s too late.