Why is there this weird mystery that surrounds the whole blonding process? Does it really have to be that hard?

I guess I take my skill for granted. I have been doing hair in Dallas for almost ten years. When you understand the rules and continuously sharpen your hair dressing skills you can consistently get amazing results.

Hair color does not have to be a roller coaster ride!

I have seen many women from all over the DFW area with bad hair color and more specifically bad blond jobs!

The biggest surprise is that some of the biggest mistakes come from “ the best hair salons in Dallas”. I feel that some of these dallas color salons get to be a little complacent. Oh, its only Megan and she always get this or she won’t mind if I cut her time short. By cutting time short I mean cutting corners.

The problem with that is that these stylists never cut the cost of your haircolor now do they?
10 Ways to Get the Perfect Dallas Summer Blonde

1. You deserve a professional hair color line. Any good hair color salon will use professional only products. No Sally’s Beauty Supply hair color at The Beauty Box! Wella, Goldwell, Chi, and Aveda hair color are all great choices. We use Wella haircolor and love it!

2. Bleach is not bad if it is used properly. If your hair is broken or fried on the ends your stylist is not using bleach properly.

You don’t run bleach through the ends every time you get your hair blonded! Pay attention to what your hairdresser is doing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

3. I think the best hair color salons in Dallas should offer continuing education to all stylists in the salon. This should be mandatory even for a booth rent salon.

Did you know that most stylists that booth rent do not participate in continuing education? Can you imagine going to a plastic surgeon practicing procedures from the 80’s?

Next time you are in the chair ask your stylist when was the last time they took a blonding technique class?

4. At The Beauty Box Salon we will get the foil as close the root as possible. This is a crucial part of getting the perfect blonde. If you have roots when you leave your stylist is not doing their job.

5. Know the difference between a partial and a full foil. There are many times my Dallas blondes have been over charged and over processed. The truth is you may not always need a full foil every time.

6. If anyone ever tries to put a highlighting  cap on your head, kindly excuse yourself to the bathroom, and head for the door! This is not a good sign. I really should not have to even mention this in a city the size of Dallas. Unfortunately, there are some lazy hairdressers even in Highland Park!

7. Do you you know what a base break is? Well, it’s only a blonde girl’s best friend! Ever have that dark root even after you get a full foil?

A base break is a hair color that is applied at the sink for about 5 minutes after your foil. It will lightly soften your root color. It doesn’t change it a whole lot but sometimes when you are working with hair color it can be the small things that can make all the difference.

8. Tell your stylist you don’t like your foils to bleed. Who wants blond highlights with a splotchy mess on the roots?

9. Double process blondes are the hardest type of blonde to do. Most Dallas hair color salons will say they can do this. Most Dallas hair color salons fail. It takes a truly skilled stylist to execute a perfect double process blond. Ask lots of quesions and come in with pictures! If possible get your formula from your previous stylist.

10. Check out reviews about your salon on sites like Yelp, Google, and City Search. A good hair salon will have mostly good reviews. Be smart and learn how to read between the lines. A good stylist will sometimes have to tell you NO! This does not always go over well with some clients.

Just a quick note: A stylist can’t fix you. They can only fix your hair and thats only if your hair will allow it!

These are all great ways to make sure your blond is the hair color that keeps other Dallas women’s heads turning.

When was the last time someone asked you where you got your hair done? If it’s been awhile, may I suggest you print this out and start interviewing a new salon? Maybe even The Beauty Box?