When consulting with a client about a haircut, I always ask how much length they want to take off. More often than not, the client says "Just the dead ends." Well, sometimes more than just the dead ends need to come off. 

I know long and luxurious hair is often sought after, but who wants long hair if it's unhealthy? Or, what good is long hair if it's always up in a ponytail? If you're not inspired to style your hair at least half of the time, then it's time for a change.

Growing your hair past your bra strap takes time ladies. To get to that point, it takes several years of growth. For it to be that long, or longer, and look nice and healthy, you will need to have your hair trimmed several times. Especially if you're having your hair chemically processed.

Let's face it ladies, long hair is hot but not if it's stringy and ratty at the ends. Ask your stylist how much he/she thinks you should cut off. Or, you could always get extensions to speed up the process and ensure that it looks healthy.