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Free Olaplex Treatment-2

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Olaplex Color Treatment Dallas | Insurance? For my hair? Why not! With each passing day we do so much to our hair! It’s about time someone created a product to repair it from continuous damage caused by color, heat and mechanical forces such as combing the hair when it’s wet and using hot tools when drying it.

As we all know hair color can cause damage to the hair so what should one do when you highlight your hair every 4-6 weeks and it starts to look dull and lifeless? Or you get your color refreshed every 6-8 weeks but that week prior to your appointment your hair feels very dry and dull. You need an Olaplex treatment! Each time we color, comb or blowdry our hair the disulfide sulfur bonds break.  Olaplex was designed to reconnect broken bonds in the hair. It is free of silicones, aldehydes, oils, parabens, and gluten.

Olaplex | Dallas is an add-on service that can be done at our salon along with just about any chemical service e.g. highlights, low lights, color, brazilian blowout, so it’s definitely something that we can all benefit from.   There are 3 steps to the Olaplex treatment. Your hair stylist will be adding the first step to the chemical service you are scheduled for.  The second step of the Olaplex treatment is done at the shampoo bowl. It will be applied generously after processing has been completed and the hair is rinsed then towel dried. It will be left on the hair for a minimum of 10-20 minutes. Then shampooed and conditioned.

The 3rd step is meant for the client to use at home once they feel their hair needs an Olaplex refresh. Because we are constantly using thermal tools for styling and brushing/combing our hair while it’s wet the bonds are continuously breaking. Which will eventually bring your hair back to looking dry, dull, and lifeless. The No.3 Perfector will replenish the hair leaving it strong, soft and with lots of shine until you’re due for your next hair appointment and Olaplex treatment.