Oribe launched a new product recently called Oribe Run Through Detangler – Dallas. The primer is bottled in this beautiful deep purple bottle labeled with gold words. The purpose of this awesome product is of course to help detangle the hair while brushing through, and second to prime the hair before applying any other products.

Priming the hair means evening out the porosity in the hair, evening out our “hair blemishes”, and sealing all the damage we’ve caused with hot tools. Priming is the basic foundation we use before we layer more products.

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Oribe Run Through Detangler Dallas

When I looked at the product and felt the texture of it, I knew it was going to be awesome! It’s this light weight consistency, very creamy, but not at all overwhelming to the hair. I had to try it! I actually made a video of myself using it in my blowout.

I shampooed my hair and once that was done I evenly sprayed Oribe’s Run Through Detangling Primer and brushed it through. I wasn’t to worried about applying too much because it’s not a heavy product. Once it was evenly distributed I layered my Bumble and Bumble Volumizing Mousse and Repair Blowdry cream. Remember it’s okay to mix and match products, it’s all about what’s works best for your hair.

I started my blowout section by section with my flat brush, and using a good amount of tension to get a nice straight blowout with sealed ends. I like volume, so at the top of my head I pulled the hair up and dried it at a 90 degree angle with a little more tension to get so me good lift.

Remember your primer is your foundation to a great style, so if you lay a weak foundation or none at all your going to have a fragile or hollow style which may be the reason your blowout or style doesn’t last all day. Having a great primer like this one is a must! Overall I would give this product five stars. I will definitely be adding this primer to my regimen!