Permanent haircolor foam? Is this necessary?

Nice and Easy Color Blend Foam, John Frieda Precision Foam, and Clariol Foam are some of the leading hair color foam products.

There is a new trend in drug store hair color. Instead of being a liquid or a gel it's now a mousse like foam. Was it really that hard to apply before? In my opinion, the permanent hair color foam is a recipe for disaster.

If you want to color your own hair at home that's your prerogative. I suggest that you go to Sally Beauty or someplace like it and get a professional product. The drug store brands are designed for easy pick up but rarely do they give the results they promise. Also when using a product such as a foam it is really hard to just re-touch your regrowth (roots).

Once you have colored your hair from scalp to end it is in your best interest to be as consistent with the color as you can. Trying to change your color too much is going to result in a really bad mess. First you'll have really damaged hair and because hair color  will not lift out previously colored hair you can end up with a kaleidoscope of color on your head. Using a liquid, gel or cream color is your best option because you can place it easier and make sure everyplace is saturated.

The reality is these kind of decisions can affect your hair for a long time. Maybe a better idea is to level with your stylist and tell them you are on a budget. Many salons have apprentice programs or assistants that may be able to do your color for a less expensive price tag.

You can even go to a beauty school. Keep the color process simple. A senior cosmetology student is a better gamble than using home hair color, especially hair color foam.