“You spent how much?!”
This might be a common phrase from a significant other, when the credit card bill arrives. Trust me when I say you aren’t alone my friend. Everyday there seems to be some inviting commercial for a product that you may or may not really need.

For me it just takes up shelf space. It slowly makes its way toward the back and completely forgotten about until the new item of the week slowly replaces its dusty spot. Why do we do this to ourselves? Well why not. You just never know when you might need it.

Who might actually know what you REALLY and TRULY need when it comes to your hair? I’ve said time, and time again that what work we do in my styling chair can be achieved at home, with the right formula and execution.

The slogan from Covergirl reiterating that ‘you're worth it’ seems to ring a bell with each and every swipe of the debit card. And you are without a doubt!! But what about this… What if each time you came to see me I gave you a perscription on what products you need to execute the new style you have? Or what if you weren't changing it up in a big way per say, but you just needed some little pep in your hair cuticle step…. ( too corny?)

Every stylist gets uber excited about the newest product that just landed in our salon. Is it right for everyone? No probably not. What can it do for me? Will I really use it or will it just collect dust like all the many lost product souls?

Regardless of what you may already know, products REALLY do have a shelf life. What’s that you say?! Yes, unfortunately you heard me right. Products spoil just like fruits and veggies. That’s why when we prescribe a certain product or regimen for what you're trying to achieve, the product life timer starts ticking as soon as lands in our hands.

There are definitely products that are being overused and underused. We like to be educated as much as the next person. Probably even more. That’s why working with the same stylist and building that relationship and growing into an honest and comfortable product tutorial in some cases makes a HUGE difference. We can't stress enough how we feel in the aspect that WE ARE HERE FOR YOU GIRL!!!

So when you get home with all your goodies that you just purchased really remember the work that was done in the chair. Do a little seasonal cleaning and throw away old, out-dated products. Or that product your mom bought for you because her hairdresser said it does wonders. Everyone is different and every head of hair is also.

Fun Facts: A study done in 2011 shows that per year a woman spends:
* $160 on Shampoos that could be outdated
* $120 on Conditioners that could be outdated
* $520 on Haircuts
* $465 on Hair color
* 53 Minutes per week on washing/blow drying and styling

LAST but NOT LEAST- By the time we are 65 years young, we will have spent 7 months of our lives on our hair. Now some more than others… (finger pointing to myself)

With all this said, make sure that you're using your time wisely. Time is so precious in all aspects. Work smarter not harder is my motto !!! So with your blow dryer and round brush held high we can accomplish anything !!!

As always Peace, Love and Beautiful Hair