Move over other tape in hair extension systems here come Quikkies Tape In Hair Extensions Dallas to The Beauty Box salon. The Beauty Box Salon has been doing tape in hair extensions for a long time and we’ve worked with some amazing systems. We are now adding into our inventory Quikkies Tape In Hair Extensions to our line up of amazing hair extension systems we keep in stock. Quikkies Tape In Hair Extensions are brought to us by our friends at Hairdreams, the Rolls Royce of fusion hair extensions. With Quikkies by Hairdreams you get superior quality hair on a ultra-light microfiber gauze that is virtually undetectable as the hair moves and is incredibly comfortable. Quikkies move and feel like your own hair.

The Beauty Box Salon has been working with Hairdreams for a while now and we LOVE them, here’s why. Hairdreams sources only the best quality hair for their hair extensions, Quikkies being made from their 5star hair. Quikkies Tape In Hair Extensions have a beautiful natural taper toward the ends and has a soft natural wave to them for beautiful integration with all hair types. The base of Quikkies Tape In Hair Extensions Dallas has a very strong adhesive that can stand up to water, workouts and style outs without slipping, and the hair quality is so good that you can wear the same set for up to 16 weeks allowing for 2 reapplications on one set of extensions.  With a wide range of color blends to choose from Quikkies Tape In Hair Extensions Dallas can match just about any hair color.

I have been working with tape in hair extensions in Dallas hair extension salons for over 10 years and I’ve worked with some great systems. I put Quikkies Tape In Hair Extensions Dallas at the top of my list of favorites. I am so happy we now carry them in stock for our clients.