Blake Lively and Scarlett Johansson, two of Hollywood’s most in-demand blonds, recently became redheads. Though both ditched their straw-colored strands for movie roles…it still got us thinking about going red, just for the heck of it. Are you thinking the same? Here’s what you need to know before you tint your tresses!

Have your colorist possibly do a test patch if there's time or at least have them show you different color swatches before you decide.

| Single-process color can appear flat and one-dimensional. To avoid this, ask your colorist to do a lighter red on top and darker shades towards the bottom to give you a layered red head look. It will look sexier and give you the "POW" you want to see.

Don’t Overdo It | 
Scarlett’s cherry-red hair isn’t a natural statement. For a believable red you want to stay within your natural base color. If you’re a dark blond, golden copper is a good choice because there are undertones of that in your hair already; if you’re a light brunette, opt for copper; if you’re a medium brunette, think auburn.

Bring Out Your Eyes | 
Instead of choosing hair color based on someone’s skin tone, I focus on their eyes. If you have yellow in your eyes—a golden brown or hazel—think warm reds; if your eyes are black-brown or pale blue, go cooler.

Red is also really hard to get away from. Red tends to leave a residue, especially on blond hair. Be willing to stay with a warmer version of whatever your color was before. Even if you were originally a brunette, you’re going to have an underlying red tone for a bit.

Fade Back to Your Natural Hue | 
Red is one of the most difficult colors to keep; it fades ultrafast, so you'll want to use a pigment-protecting product with UV filters. It's best to trust the professionals with this type of color and I know just the place, The Beauty Box Salon! We're experienced with all things Red and will go over every detail with you.