What makes a red head so intriguing? 

I happen to think it’s the mystery of the red haired raven. While some parts of the world might think that being a “Ginger” is a mark against a woman or man, here at The Beauty Box Salon we think its a fun and fierce hair color choice! Being blonde, brunette, or highlighted is almost the norm and expected, red however, is a brazen decision.

So what makes a good red head? 

Well for starters, it has to be a hair color choice that is good for your skin tone. Generally women with “warm” skin tones are complimented by the warm hue of red, or reddish hair. Pale and milky skin tones are also generally best for showcasing the true beauty of Red Hair

The tone of Red Hair is also a huge factor in getting a beautiful result.Red Hair should be shiny and natural. You can be a dark red head or a light red head, but whatever you choose, choose a shade and tone that won’t look severe on your skin tone. Lets not aim for people doing red hair wrong like Ronald McDonald or Rihanna, and instead try to strive for the gorgeous tresses of Hollywoods most famous doing it right!

Red Hair Done Right….A Huge shout out to a couple of ladies doing it the right way; Marcia Cross, Julianne Moore, Debra Messing, Kate Walsh, and Emma Stone are red hair royalty in my book!