Thinking about getting Dallas Hair Extensions? Then you need to read this article on researching the best Dallas Hair extension Salons. It’s stuff you need to know – even if you decide to go to another Dallas hair extension salon.

Everyone knows that Dallas Hair Extensions are without a doubt the way to go from having good hair to having great hair. They can add volume, length, luster, and just overall beauty to your hair.

Top Things You Need to Know When Researching the Best Dallas Hair Extension Salons:

Do Extensions Damage Your Hair?

I say: When done incorrectly, yes, they can potentially damage your hair. Once again I can’t stress the importance of going to someone who knows what they are doing. Lets look at the list of things that can damage your hair in addition to badly done extensions: sun, wind, brushing too much, not brushing enough,washing too much, not washing enough, coloring, flat ironing, curling, ….I can go on and on. The bottom line is if you are doing things correctly you should have no major problems.

My hair is thin and fine but I don’t want to have something fake in my hair.

I say: Well then you shouldn’t have something fake on your face ( makeup) or have something fake on your nails ( acrylic) or have something fake on your skin( spray tan). Don’t even get me started on plastic surgery. Why have all these “fake” beauty procedures become the norm and the stigma remains for extensions? We are taking steps to beautify ourselves, and most of those solutions don’t come from nature but from technology. So if your going to say no to “fake” don’t just discriminate against hair.

Can you feel hair extensions? Will you be able to tell I am wearing extensions?

I say: When done correctly you should not feel them enough to be bothered by them and most people won’t be able to tell. You have to go to a salon that takes your hair type into consideration. If a Dallas Hair Salon offers only one type of extension system, run. Extensions are not a one size fits all kind of product, and you should be dealing with someone who has several options to show you or is even professional enough to tell you extensions aren’t for you.

Researching the Best Dallas Hair Extension Salons

What will people think when I suddenly have long hair?

I say: Who cares. In the words of a friend : Haters gonna hate. If you want them, and you think they will somehow benefit your overall look or self image then do it for yourself!

When it comes to extensions : Do your research, find a good salon, and enjoy looking good. We all know smart girls always finish first!


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