Once upon a time in a land far, far away lived a beautiful princess blah, blah, blah. So starts every fairy tale we listened to as little girls. This is where we began dreaming of our own Prince Charming. Trust me ladies – every gal has a prince charming – it’s just a matter of time until we kiss the right frog.

After what feels like years of searching we finally find "the one". He likes it so he puts a ring on it, and so begins the wedding planning process of picking a date, finding a venue, picking the flowers and finding THE dress. Every girl has dreamed of her wedding, but not all of us think about the details. I am here to let you in on one of these little details: the hair.

Every wedding dress has a hairstyle that always ties into a theme: classic, chic, vintage, and elegant. Trust me when I say that your hairstyle is just as important as the dress!!! Most women consider their hairstyle a "minor" detail, leaving it until the last minute. Believe me, you want to take the time to plan this out.

First off, look at pictures, lots and lots of pictures. Nobody knows what works best for you better than you, so find a style that best suits you. If in doubt, talk to your hairdresser – that’s what we are here for!! Once you have chosen a style that you are in love with, schedule a trial run. It is important that both you and your stylist feel good about the style. You don't ever want to change it up on your "BIG" day, so if you need to have more than one trial, do it.

On the day of your wedding hair trial run, it’s important to remember some small, but crucial tips.

1) Wear Makeup – I only say this because I know that as women we are the first ones to be judgmental about ourselves, so wear makeup to get the entire look.

2) Bring Accessories If you are going to have a hair piece or veil, bring it with you. Your hair and hairpiece are key accessories of the dress and all of these elements should flow as one.

3) 24 Hour Test – If you can, plan on wearing that hairstyle for an entire day. It could be for your bridal portraits or a night out on the town. Make sure that your hairstyle can withhold long hours without wearing out. Nobody wants to end the day with loose hair and loose pins.

Whether you decide to go with a classic undo, a chic chignon, vintage finger waves or an elegant bun remember these little tips that will fill in the little details to your "Big" day…

And they lived Happily Ever After.