Summer is upon us and Dallas’ triple digits temps along with it. The season for bright blonde and pixie cuts is here! Before you consider a Ginnifer Goodwin inspired cut, here are a few things to take into consideration.

What Is A Pixie?

Pixie cuts made their first bang on the fashion seen in the 1950’s when Audrey Hepburn sported the cut in the movie Roman Holiday. The popularity of the cut continued through the decades  with model Twiggy in the 1970’s and Demi Moore in the 1990’s. What made these looks all so iconic was how bold they were. Short and tapered in the back, with a little bang in the front, the pixie had become a fun and flirty style for women looking for a little edge.

Should I get a Pixie Cut?

How To Choose A Pixie Cut?

Pixie cuts come in all shapes and sizes. So how do you choose which style would look best on you?

Oval Face Shape-  Women with oval face shapes can pull off just about any look.

Round Face Shape- The key to wearing a pixie cut with a face shape that is on the more round side is to ad volume. Try a style that is a little more tousled and tease, tease, tease!

Heart Face Shape- Like with the more round face shape, you will want to add some volume to your style, but, keep the sides around the face flat.

How Do I Care And Maintain A Pixie?

What most people don’t realize about pixie cuts are that they are not always a “wake up and go” look. For the lucky ones, a quick shake and a little product is all they need in the morning to be ready for the day, but, for others, (like us curly haired ladies) a lot more styling time is needed in the morning. You also have to take into consideration the cutting maintenance of the cut.

Most pixies, if you are wanting to maintain the shortness and shape of the cut, will need to be cut again about every 4 weeks. For some, this could be a lot. Another consideration is the product maintenance that the cut will require. Again, for us curly girls, depending on the length and style of the cut, we will require a number of products that we might not necessarily use if we were to keep a longer length cut.

I Have A Pixie And I want Something Different…Now What?

The hardest part of a pixie cut is the growing out process, especially for someone who has never had a pixie cut before. Hair grows roughly 1/2 inch a month. That is only about 6 inches a year.  The trick to growing out a pixie with as few awkward phases as possible, is to just stick with it, find creative ways to style your hair, and get regular cuts to trim off any dead ends and the tail that starts to grow on the neck line. Another option to help ease the growth process is hair extensions.

Generally, to be able to apply extensions, you will need 6 inches of length, or about chin length. Another option for extensions would be to apply the extensions that work best for your needs and then apply a top piece to cove and hide the extension bonds. If you have any questions on which extensions would work for you and your hair growth process, I would recommend coming in for a consultation with your stylist!