Sometimes a hairdresser will start out being right for you, but over time lose her/his motivation and creativity. Usually this means it’s time for a change. What are some of the signs that you’re dealing with the WRONG hairdresser or that your good hairdresser’s “gone bad”?

Is your stylist in a rut?

Does your hairdresser no longer ask what you want but just starts cutting? This is probably one of the biggest reasons women/men change hairdressers. The relationship may be a smashing success in the beginning but, as time goes on, your hair stylist can get into a hairstyling rut, never offering new ideas or suggestions. A good hairstylist should always be ready to approach your hair from a fresh perspective.

Do they take your individuality into account?

A good hairdresser takes into account your hair color, face shape, hair texture, and face shape before recommending a haircut or hair style. If your hairdresser doesn’t take these issues into account before cutting, you may end up with a haircut that’s perfect, for somebody else.

Does she gives everyone a similar haircut?

Sometimes a hairdresser or even an entire hair salon is so focused on one trendy haircut that they give some variation of it to everyone that walks in the door. If you visit a hair salon or a hairdresser and find everyone in the salon is coming out with the same haircut, including the hairdressers themselves, steer clear of it. Chances are you’ll be their next victim.

Is there poor communication?

Good communication is critical when it comes to selecting a hairdresser. If you ask for a two inch trim on your waist length hair and it ends up above your chin, you know there’s a serious communication problem and you won’t want to stay with this hairdresser long term. It pays to set up a consultation with a prospective hairdresser before you have your first haircut to exchange ideas and determine whether the two of you are compatible. If you get a sense she isn’t listening or hearing what you say during the consultation, move on.

Are they keeping up with the times?

A good hair dresser keeps up with the latest products and hair styling techniques. If your hairdresser doesn’t attend styling conventions and conferences to advance her skills, your hair may suffer. A hairdresser should also be aware of the latest hair style trends and how to cut them.

As a stylist I understand these are all things you should consider as a client. Changing anything can be hard and deciding where to go can be half the struggle. So do your homework, read reviews, ask around, internet surf. Once you do it can be one of the best things you did for your hair!!!