One of my absolute favorite shows on TV at the moment is "Modern Family"! And one of my favorite actresses on the show is Sofia Vergara who plays “Gloria”. The woman is SMOKIN HOTT!!!! Did you know Sofia Vergara is a natural blonde?

It wasn’t until she changed her hair from blonde to a shiny and sultry brunette that hollywood started to take notice of her. For Marilyn Monroe it was Brunette to Blonde that worked wonders for her career, for Sofia it was the opposite! Check out photos of her as a blonde, and now as her famous brunette.

If a simple hair color change can catapult you to stardom in Hollywood what can it do for us everyday women? Well for starters, a new hair color can make you feel like an entirely new person. If you're ready for a change and you don’t want to touch your hair style, how about just a new hue?

The best hair color salons in Dallas will use their expertise to determine what shade will perfectly compliment your skin tone and cut. Hair color is such a fun thing to experiment with because you can change it up as often as you change your mind, if you're working with a true professional this can be done with minimal damage.

Out of all the dallas hair color salons, I can honestly say I’ve seen some of the most amazing work walk out of The Beauty Box Salon (and I'm not just saying that because I work there, seriously). So stop being so vanilla, change it up already!