Now that spring has sprung upon on it is time to brighten up our locks!!   The question now is how blonde can you get without damaging your hair?!

If you are a brunette don’t expect to be blonde overnight. I recommend taking it a step at a time. Come in with your target hair color or shade of blond and I will put together a game plan to get your hair there. It may take a couple times it exactly how you want it but the end result will be worth it in the end. Plus, your hair will not be damaged! 

Now for all you natural blondies out there. If you are wanting to get even lighter as spring and summer approaches this is the time to start talking about it. I can do a heavier foil to create more blonde in your hair.  The integrity of your hair is one of my main concerns.

Being in the industry I have had my share of blondes that have come to me with their hair broken off.  There comes a point when its best just to cut it short and restore what healthy hair you do have left. 

Once you have had your hair over processed it will take quite a bit of time for your hair to grow out of it, and I am not talking months ladies… it could take years.  I have a client who came to me 2 years ago. She had this beautiful long hair, but as the economy went down she thought she would save some money by going to someone who less expensive… the only problem was it didn’t cost her $$ it cost her her hair!!

She came to me with hair that was literally broken about 4 inches away from her scalp… she didn’t want to be a brunette and she didn’t want her hair cut off…  Didn’t leave me too many options, so what I did is I kept her as a blonde making sure I never overlapped into her already pre-lightened hair and I worked with her on the cut, I took off a little bit of length and gave her layers that would help blend in the hair that was broken off,

2 years later her hair is healthier than ever. She is a bombshell blonde and her hair is once again long with beautiful long layers that have shape and movement.  As we know we all end up building a personal relationship with our stylist, why because at the end of the day we are putting something very dear to us in their hands…. Our hair!