As the feather hair extensions slowly fades away for Spring Trends 2011, the new Summer Trends are here and are HOT!

One of my favorite Trends for 2011 are Toms Shoes and not just any flat shoe but the wedge. It comes in other colors than coral but the coral happens to be my favorite. 

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Another 2011 Trend are Hats and not just because of the Royal Wedding this year. Hats have always been trendy and, yes, they are here to stay. Any hat with almost any summer look is a great accessory. Plus it protects your face from all those harmful UV rays. Sign me up for a hat this summer!

Gold. Gold earrings, gold necklaces, gold rings! Come to mama!! Gold is the color for any accessory. The shinier the better, the bigger the better. Anything gold is defiantly the trend for 2011 because you can wear it anywhere.  

Pale, smooth sailing Nail Polish. They aren't too bright and not to shiny. Perfect for going "outside the box" from your ordinary nail color. One of my personal favorite nail color lines is Scotch. I love their natural line.

Last but not least Hair volume! Having big sexy hair is in. Whether you wear it wavy, curly, straight, just wear it BIG! You can do it with hair extensions of course but you can also do it with a round brush and blow dryer.

Put your flat iron up for the summer and pull out your wave iron. Also with it being so hot and humid outside you can go shorter with your hair style and still go Big. Lots of volume with any cut works, think sexy, bouncy and body.

Trends come and go and some will stay forever. So maybe these things aren't for you this year but they will be back and you can always try them later.