It’s beginning to look a lot like summer. Soon our lives will be filled with beach days and sun rays. And what better way to kick of summer then hair extensions?! Summer seems to be one of the most popular seasons for extensions. They are great for your wedding day or your Hawaiian vacation. But, there are some care steps that will need to take place while you are on that beach side vacation to make sure that your beautiful locks maintain their luster.

Just imagine it…sitting poolside with a cocktail in hand, enjoying the ocean breeze, and soaking up the sun. That sounds perfect, except you for got one of the most important vacation care tips for your extensions. As much as we love being out in the sun getting our tan on, the sun is not a friend to your extensions. In fact, it can cause your extensions to dry out and and experience color fading. How do we combat these issues? Make sure that you are using a product on your hair that has a UV protectant in it. (EX: Oribe Foundation Mist) Another way to combat these issues is to make sure that you are properly conditioning your hair after a harsh day in the sun. Oribe’s Glaze for Beautiful Color is perfect for hydration, lasting color, and UV protection.  Another option? You could always wear a stylish beach hat!

It is always so nice to spend the day soaking up the sun, but man it get so hot! Of course you’re going to want to take a dip in the pool! But, before you do, remember to take the necessary steps to protect your hair against damaging chlorinated and salt waters. They both cause the extensions to dry out and even fade in color. So, before you take a dip, we recommend wetting down your hair and applying a little bit of conditioner mid shaft through the ends, and then put your hair in a braided low pony (or rock some braided pigtails). This will prevent the extensions from soaking up the water and help prevent tangles.

Ok, beach day went well, time to get ready to go out on the town or settle in for the night. First things first. We need to take down those braids and rinse out that hair! This will make sure we rinse away any of the lingering salt or chlorinated water. You then want to make sure that you properly condition the extensions. Once those two steps are done, just make sure you at least dry the bond area of the extensions. Most bond failure happens when the extension bond is wet, so, always make sure you are keeping the bonds dry!

Now you are beach ready! Happy styling!