What do I mean by “How to Shampoo your Hair?” I mean, you should know by now, right? Wrong! Get the maximum use out of your designer premium shampoo and conditioners by applying them correctly.

What most stylists won’t tell you about regular shampoos (not talking about sulfate-free) is that the mechanism which cleans your hair in shampoo is in fact, sulfate. Under a microscope, sulfates have little tails that pull out impurities like dirt and oil which give your hair that squeaky clean feel and impart shine.

When you shampoo, apply at the roots and lather out towards your mid-strands leaving out the ends. When you rinse, let the water run down from your scalp all the way to the ends. The little sulfates will clean your ends as the shampoo runs down the hair shaft. This will also allow a minimal amount of natural oil to stay in the ends since that part of the hair is the most dry.

When you condition, apply in reverse mode. Your ends need the most moisture and are the furthest away from the scalp producing sebum/oil which causes hair growth. Work the conditioner up to the mid strands by continuing to run your fingers in a downward motion through the hair to avoid tangles.

Always turn the shower to as cool a setting as you can handle when rinsing out your conditioner. Why? Using cool/cold water to rinse out the conditioner will seal down the cuticle, making the hair less prone to breakage and it will reflect more light. You will literally FEEL the difference in how much softer your hair is when you rinse with cool water.

If you follow these quick and easy tips you’ll notice an improvement in your hair and waste less product. You’re Welcome!