This past Sunday marked the 84th Annual Academy Awards.  A night celebrating the magic of the movies. A night where, as Glenn Close so eloquently put, the communication of appreciation for what Hollywood does every year is a “great gift” that “definitely doesn’t get old”. I wish teachers or the US military could say the same thing.

I’ve loved movies my entire life. “Annie” was the first movie I sat through and I have “The Lion King” memorized word for word. I’m an actor by education and producer by necessity. And a blogger by fun, but who isn’t these days. My forum is a hair blog for a Dallas Salon and we’ve taken to watching awards ceremonies for all the hair and fashion trends.  The Academy Awards is, well, The Oscars for celebrity hairstyles & high fashion.

Almost immediately the red carpet revealed a reoccurring theme, as actress after actress came draped and covered in creams, whites, and various lighter hued gowns. From Gwyneth Paltrow to Milla Jovovich to Octavia Spencer, the ladies at this year’s Oscars were betting on white.

For hair, the ladies looked backwards to the styles of yonder. Rocking vintage do’s of all kinds, I have a feeling that salons nationwide will be getting requests for The Penelope Cruz or The Mara Rooney. Just please don’t ask for The Tina Fey. I love her to death…to actually life ending proportions but her charm and humor and all encompassing genius lies in her lack of traditional Hollywood beauty. Every time she plays dress up I sigh. I hope you find your style Tina, yours. And it’s not from looking or listening to your contemporaries, it’s better found in your own closet and mirror. Good Luck.

Overall the actual ceremony was pretty stagnant. While I loved the opening montage (why was Tom Cruise and MI-3 featured?! Another Scientology mystery I guess) and the Cirque performance was inspired (I hope Julie Taymor was taking notes mainly the note that not one aerialist fell on top of an audience member) the show felt like an inside joke that only Billy Crystal and Cameron Diaz were laughing at.  

I missed the dance numbers of nominated songs and the introduction of the films up for best picture but I guess that got scratched when the academy decided to nominate an arbitrary number of films to beef up ticket sales. It used to be 5 until last year when 10 became the new 5 and this year when 9 became the new 10. As Stephen Colbert would say, “Pick a number, we’re at war”.

And who won the war for the golden statue? It was a tie between “The Artist” and “Hugo”, neither which I have seen so I guess I lost. Oh well, I can always illegally download them later. Until next year movie fans!