Christmas continues to come early at the Beauty Box! Local Dallas artist Mitch “Mileaway” Goldminz stopped by the salon last week and introduced us to his beautifully vivid work. We were so impressed that 5 of his paintings now hang on the walls of The Beauty Box and are waiting to find a permanent home, possibly in yours.

Mitch was born in Brooklyn, New York where he began his art career creating graffiti on subway cars and murals on brick buildings. In 1971 he moved to Dallas and joined the Dallas Police Department where he served for 33 years until he was injured on the job and forced to retire.

This unfortunate event brought Mitch back into the artist’s fold and he began painting again. Inspired by his wife’s love of hearts, Mitch began painting hearts of various shapes, sizes, and colors and hasn’t looked back. His work runs the gamut from the abstract to still lives to jewelry. Using acrylics on glass gives each of Mitch’s pieces a unique voice that will haunt you until it hangs on your wall.

We are thrilled to welcome Mitch and his art into the Beauty Box Family and encourage all to check out his work. They are for sell and would make a lovely Christmas present for a special loved one.