Even the “best” home hair colors can do this to you. Home hair colors are no joke and can be an awful experience.

Being a Dallas hairdresser at The Beauty Box Salon, I understand the details needed to work with hair dying chemicals. You don’t have to be a chemist but you should at least understand the in’s and out’s of dealing with hair dyes.

There’s a lady named Carmen Rowe, who colored her hair at home and had a terrible allergic reaction that caused her to lose her job after she missed too many days at work seeking medical attention. What’s worse, is she was lucky. Others have had similar reactions that have resulted in death. It’s sad story when all Carmen wanted to do was enhance her look a little bit.

These extreme reactions to hair dye are not too common, so don’t be too frightened. This story is meant to educate and make people aware that dying your hair, while fun and exciting, can have some negative effects if not done properly.

I understand working with a budget on many things and cutting corners is sometimes necessary but when it comes to up keep with yourself, sometimes you get what you pay for. And This doesn’t mean you have to go to the most expensive salon or spa. Not all salon professionals understand or care what you’re wanting and some don’t continue their education when it comes to hair dying chemicals.

I advise all women to never color their hair at home. Search for a professional that has a good background in hair color. There are many sites to help you do that, such as yelp.com and Google reviews.