We're all looking for that miracle formula to diminish wrinkles or rid us of acne and dandruff. If you watch daytime television you'll notice that every comercial break has someone trying to sell you the fountain of youth.

This one is simple folks : Drink.More.Water. Our bodies are made mostly of it so it stands to reason that above all water is the most important thing for us to consume. It cleanses our bodies of toxins and impurities unlike sodas, sports drinks and caffeine which put more toxins in our system.

Just because these types of drinks are mostly water doesn't mean they are hydrating. The more hydrated we keep ourselves with good old fasioned water the healthier we'll feel and look. Heathy skin, scalp and hair depend on it.  When skin is dehydrated it produces oil to compensate for it.

The more impurities like sugar, caffeine and artificial sweetners you consume the more it comes out of your skin in that oil. This is what causes acne and dandruff. Keeping properly hydrated with water will take care of that. It will also keep healty colligen in the skin to keep wrinkles at bay. So the fountain of youth isn't found in a jar at the the department store. It's all around us. Enjoy!