Stylist are known to be called by many different names. Some of us, here at the best salon in Dallas, prefer the term "Hair Therapist", and believe me when I say 9 times out of 10 they really are just that. But seriously what comes to mind when you think of the person that you trust to have full control of your gorgeous locks?? Do they look like an artist? Do they look like the average day person that you might never guess did hair at all?

Most hair stylists are in fact lovers of so many other things such as music, art, decorating, and anything else that takes a creative mind. They are in more ways than one some sort of artist.

When a stylist embarks on the new journey called ‘Beauty School' few of them know what kind of crazy world they have just entered. You will almost always hear a stylist say “you couldn't pay me to go back to beauty school”, because it really is that awful.

Just like the everyday working clients, at some point or another they need to do some sort of education or revaluation of their work environment, a stylist has to do the same. Have you heard your stylist say that they are going to hair shows or doing education outside of the salon to help them stay up with the new trends? Hmmmmm why does this even matter? Well, in this world of stylists, if you aren't constantly growing your skill set there's a new hungry stylist always at your heels.

Everyone wants to be the best in their business, as they should, but sometimes we get caught up in the day-to-day work mill and forget that we are ACTUALLY trendsetting artists. Almost everyone that I work with does something creative outside of the ever so secret safe walls of the salon. I personally love to decorate and paint. When I have a you sitting in my chair with a new fresh idea for a cutting-edge Spring color trend, know that my creative mind is definitely thinking ready, set, go.

We've adopted a new philosophy at The Beauty Box, and it’s called remaining number one. Period. We all come in for the continuing education classes that train us on every product so that we can then break down and restructure to show you, the client, why some things are REALLY MUST HAVE PIECES.

As a seasoned client with us you may see us doing things a little differently with the questions that we ask you. We might want more details on what it is specifically that has brought you to the Best Salon in Dallas. As a brand new guest you will receive the same attention to detail as our veteran clients. The consultation is the most important part of starting a relationship with a stylist. Think of it like dating. When you go on a first date you are asking a lot of questions because you truly want to get to know this person. When you sit down in my chair I know that you have done some research and found us specifically for a reason. My job is to be honest and forthcoming right from the start.

Here at the Beauty Box we are committed to you. We strive to stay in #1 spot as the Best Salon in Dallas. From the wide range of personalities and creative madness that flows through each of us at the Beauty Box our commitment is simple, Be the Best! We want you to leave looking your best and educated on what you need to know out there beyond our walls.

Be confident that we stay ahead of the curve because the crazy phrase "if you aren't first you're last" is so very true. That is our vow to you our client from the creative “Hair Therapists” we are.