What is THE perfect highlight?  Well, let me just start off by saying that the answer is different for everyone.  But please let me make clear that the big chunky highlights are a huge NO-NO!  The skunk look is a thing of the past and now  hair highlights are more of an accessory, not the "mane" look.  What follows are some tips and suggestions to help you on your quest to find the perfect highlight.

If you are predominantly blonde with highlights then I say highlight away and keep it natural, but make sure that it is done properly.  To ensure that you don't walk around with blonde bleach stains on your scalp, make sure your stylist is aware of how to prevent your foil packets from bleeding.  

A lot of blonde-haired women always wonder why their hair gets so dry and fragile, which can cause breakage.  This is what we call ‘over-processed hair’.  I know it is not your job to know how it has to be done, but I do believe that it is very important that as a client you are educated on what is being done to your hair.  

So, if you are noticing your stylist pulling the lightener all the way through your ends, then please say something!  They should only be touching up your new growth.  Speak up for your hair ladies – only you can prevent bad highlight jobs!

Now for the brunettes out there that want a little bit of contrast, I would recommend more of a natural look when you do this; subtle but still noticeable.  If your goal is to eventually become a blonde then let me just start by warning you that it will be a process – a long process.   As much as you would like to go from one extreme to other, it really isn't possible without putting the integrity of your hair at risk.  

Yes, you can have a drastic change in your first round of highlights, but you can't expect to be a full-blown blonde in just one go.  I would recommend that you start the process in the spring so that by the time summer rolls around you are well on your way to being the gorgeous blonde you want to be!  Also, since you are going from darker to lighter make sure that you are not walking around with brassy hair – it’s going to lift a bit warmer going from such a dark stage to a lighter one so do keep an eye out for the brass. 

Highlights are tricky, ladies.  Everyone wants them but not every stylist can deliver, and not every head of hair can take them.  Be mindful of the issues I mentioned above and remember to speak up if you ever question what your stylist is doing.  Trust me, way before I was a stylist I had to learn the hard way about what being in the wrong hands can do to your hair.  Oh yes, I too was a Mexi-blonde walking around once upon a time… and let me just say NEVER AGAIN!!