“Will You Marry Me?” No other question in the human language has been asked in so many ways. From sky writing to Baseball Jumbo Trons to hidden rings in deserts, the marriage proposal is wrecked with endless possibilities and endless expectations. When that moment comes one can only hope it happens in a safe place, a familiar place, a special place. And one can only hope they’ve dressed the part from head to toe.

Act II of our photo shoot finds our ingénue, Dallas Model Jennifer Brown, about to head out for a romantic evening with the man from Act I. They’re off to the opera or a 5 Star Restaurant or an Evening of Drinks & Dancing. What our ingénue is unaware of is that this romantic evening of song, food, or dance will change her life with a simple question. And a simple answer.

Our stylist’s Brad Bykkonen and Brandon Stephens joined forces to create this Act II look for our heroine. She’s a little older, a little wiser, and little more in love with the man from Act I. Keeping with the vintage and structured themes for hair and wardrobe, Brandon explains they wanted to create a look that “a Dallas fashionista would wear the night the man of her dreams popped the question.”

Brad describes there process which started with tearing “lots of different looks out of magazines and from the internet to inspire us to put together a look that was chic and editorial. We weren't necessarily going for a wearable look but as it turns out the look we ended up with was very editorial as well as wearable for some who dare to rock this style out.”

Our woman dares and is all the better for it.

“We started with four French braids that met at the crown of her head in 4 ponytails.  As you can see from there we tamed the curled explosion into a beautiful mix of controlled chaos”, says Brandon.

“I didn't find many challenges with this particular look in the ways of styling and getting it where we wanted it. I love it”, Brad beams.

We love it too Brad! Kudos to Brandon & Brad for this unbelievable updo and perfect way to represent the 2nd Act of the photo shoot!

The amazing vintage clothing store Vintage Martini once again provided the wardrobe for this act and we couldn’t be more grateful! If you’ve never been, carve out a few hours and lose yourself in a lovely store glittered with fashion gems of the past.

Next Week…Act III – “The Wedding”!

Photos by: Jessica Grammon