On a typical day at the salon it’s not unusual for me to see a client who is facing hair loss due to illness or age, and on the very same day see a young woman who is getting her very first “big girl haircut”. Seeing such a wide range of clients has really solidified the fact that hair is important no matter what your age or stage in life.

Women tend to be more defined by their hair than men, however, men care more than you think.

So why is hair so important? In observing some of my clients I’ve realized that hair is just as important to them as one of their body parts. It’s more than just vanity, hair is about personal expression. Hair is the only part of your body that grows naturally and without effort, and can also be considered a fashion accessory.

Some people completely ignore their hair and seem to be bothered to even run a brush through it. Some people obsess for hours and consider part of their identity to be their hair.

Through all the observations and research, it still comes down to basic science: Our genetic pre dispositions have told us that the purpose of being on earth is to reproduce. Healthy shiny hair is a sign of youth and fertility, therefore making healthy shiny beautiful hair highly coveted.

Even though we now know there is so much more to life than simply reproducing, in the end, we’re still just a bunch of animals!