100% human hair extensions.

All major hair extension brands will announce that their product is made of 100% human hair. Why not just, human hair? Is it not understood that you would only use the human hair if it was labeled as such?

What you may not know is that there are times you will see blends of human hair and synthetic fiber. Most times these hybrids are labeled as blends. In other instances they are not. “Match tests” are performed and required to determine if small amounts of synthetic hair are used as filler.

Human hair costs significantly more than synthetic. A match test is when you light a small bundle of hair with a match. Human hair will burn and of course smell just awful. Synthetic will melt.

In some low quality extensions some manufacturers will blend in yak hair.. Yes, as in the animal. You will never see on a package that these manufacturers have done this. Most people who buy extensions would not be happy to know they are wearing an animals hair! If the human hair you are buying costs $10, chances are you might be wearing hair off a yak’s chin.

Human hair is considered to be a better choice than synthetic. In most cases this could be argued to be true. However, human hair comes in many varieties and levels of quality. Really inexpensive human hair can be even worse than some synthetic fiber. That is why it is important to fully understand what kind of hair you are buying.

You would think that price would be the best indicator on the level of quality of human hair. Unfortunately, this is not true. I have purchased hair for $100 that has rivaled hair sold for $300. Not all companies hold the same values and pricing structures. Finding human hair that is a fair price and great quality is getting harder and harder.

That’s kind of the whole idea behind what we do at The Beauty Box Salon, to help educate you and weed out a lot of the junk on the hair extension market. We believe you deserve the right hair extension product.

As with most things in life, if it is too good to be true, it probably is. We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to.

The main benefit of human hair is that it can have all the qualities of your own hair on your head. That means, if matched correctly, it should be indistinguishable from your own. In addition, you can shampoo, condition, curl, straighten, and blow dry the human hair extensions just like your own.

I like to think of it as matching fiber to fiber. That is why when you try wearing synthetic hair extensions it can be a bit trickier as the “fibers” do not match as well as human hair. There is nothing on the market that acts and looks exactly like human hair.

Another thing to note when buying human hair is to buy for what your needs are. If you are going to wear hair extensions for a night or from time to time you may not need the “best”.  I often use “B” grade hair for photo shoots and special event hair.

If you plan on wearing it daily for months and months then making sure you get “A” grade hair may be a better choice. Most human hair comes from two places, China and India. Be careful when you hear the words, “virgin” and “european”.

Virgin European hair is very expensive and quite hard to find. Most main stream extension manufacturers do not use this kind of hair as the main stream market is not willing to pay for such high prices.

Human hair is and always will be the holy grail of hair choices. Everyone wants to look like they do not have extensions.

The biggest compliment you will get is when someone notices your hair and not your hair extensions.


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