Alright, maybe it’s not ALL your fault. The blame can definitely be spread around a bit. Let’s take a look at what it’s like for a salon during this crazy time of year.

I am writing this at the kickoff of holiday season. November and December are a salons busiest time of year. The majority of my clients need to get in during this time so they can look their best at parties and of course Aunt Susie’s holiday feast.

What you may not know if you are booking last minute is that a lot of people pre-book prime holiday hours 6 weeks in advance. Evenings and weekends go quickly. Do keep in mind that things shift and people reschedule. This is good news for you because you just may luck out and get that time you really want. No matter what, you are probably gonna have to be flexible.

Here are a few tips to help us out and to get you in and out as fast as possible.

Be on time. Actually, be 10 minutes early. We have coffee, hot chocolate, wine, and beer to ease the time. Plus, you can catch up on all those gossip magazines you have been neglecting.

Be patient. Not everyone will be as awesome as you and get there early. Chances are that we will be running a little bit late during the holiday season.

Be clear on what you need to have done. If you need your bangs trimmed then let us know when you are booking your time. Is your hair really long? Is it really thick? Do you plan on a major change? These are all things that affect your time in the chair.

If you need to cancel your appointment PLEASE give us at least 24 hours notice. Someone probably needs your appointment. There is nothing worse than a last minute cancellation that leaves a 3 hour gap in your day.

These are all big reasons why a stylist runs late. 15 minutes here, 5 there and suddenly you are running 30 minutes behind for your last client! When you are dealing with living and breathing people things have a way of getting backed up.

The bottom line is that your happiness and satisfaction are the most important things to us at The Beauty Box. Corners will not be cut while you are the chair.

So, girl, be early for your appointment, be patient while you wait and maybe Santa will bring you that Coach bag you asked for.