Best Hair Quality

Let’s face it, this should either number 1 or 2 of the things to look for in hair extensions.  Having fuller, or longer hair is great and all, but it’s nothing if your long thick hair feels more like a broom than a gorgeous mane.  Hairdreams Hair Extensions has long been known for having the best hair quality standards.  Each extension is hand prepared,and inspected to produce the highest quality strands.  In other words, ditch the idea of having a mop and enjoy the best of the best in hair quality.

They’re Easy on Your Hair

If quality is number one, this should be number two regarding your extension priorities.  What good does longer thicker hair do if it’s harming your own natural hair?  Instead of using Keratin like many other fusion hair extensions, Hairdreams uses a Nylon attachment.  This nylon stretches when your hair swells from heat or water, which takes a lot of pressure off your natural strands.  Also, they offer 4 different bond sizes so they can be customized based on your hair’s thickness.  Both of these equate to an easy breezy wearing experience.

Crown and Fringe Options

For women who experience balding or thinning around the crown area, hair extensions can generally be restrictive, or not an option at all.  Hairdreams is known for their fusion hair extensions, but they also offer AMAZING options for the top of the head.  Using a net like material with hair hand sewn onto it, the system is attached and integrated with your own hair to add volume and style where you may have trouble growing enough of your own. The results look completely natural.

Wavy Styles

Since Hairdreams 7 star hair is of European descent the hair has a bit of a natural wave to it. Why is this in my top 5?  Because most of us on this side of the world have some kind of wave or texture to our hair.  (Be it frizz, wave, curl, or whatever you want to call it.)  This is great because most other brands use Chinese or Indian hair, which has much thicker strands and tend to be much more straight.  So when you get out of water, or don’t want to heat style your hair you have the option of scrunching in some curl creme and wearing an easy wavy style.  For the girls with natural kinky tight curls, they offer 2 more textures that have tighter curls to match.

It’s Easy Breezy!

Last but not least, they’re so easy and gorgeous.  The way Hairdreams fusion strand hair extensions blend with your own hair is so simple you can’t help but love it.  With the hair strands being so much like most American hair, they blend seamlessly.  The attachments are so small and lightweights you end up almost forgetting about them, and maintenance is about as easy as it gets with hair extensions.