Sunday night was my first time watching the Grammy’s…something I don’t get to say too often.

Whitney Houston died while taking a bath (frankly, the best way to go if you ask me. I hope the tub was full of Lush products) and L.L. Cool J was hosting. I was impressed the biggest night of music wasn’t overshadowed by the biggest celebrity death at that moment.

Bruno Mars was charmingly delicious, Nicki Minja was lackluster (how is she a “new artist” in 2012?!?), and Bruce Springsteen kicked the night off with a bang with his performance of "We Take Care of Our Own".

Two fashion/hair trends permeated the evening : Black gowns and Tightly Pulled Back, Restraint Updo's.

Not be outdone, Lady GaGa personified both trends…almost to a fault. I guess she had to do something to catch the camera’s eye as she did not catch the Grammy voter’s eyes.

They were too busy gushing and pawing after Adele. She walked away with 6 Grammy’s and a mouth full of gum. Seriously, Adele? Gum? Voice teachers across the country, nay, the world, cringed when you opened your mouth to say “Thank you”.

Which, I learned, is all you need to say when you achieve one of music’s highest honors. I just wish that simple phrase was said with sincere humility instead of the apathetic manner in which many musicians, like Adele and Chris Brown, embodied on that stage.

Where’s the reverence for the music? The gratitude for the award? Even Bon Iver who clearly was uncomfortable winning a Grammy came across as grateful…in a back handed sort of way.

I was surprised that music’s biggest night didn’t come with music biggest fans, artists who respect the art and make music for the pure joy of creating something beautiful. I’m glad The Foo Fighters won 5 Grammy’s and were able to use their acceptance speech to point the spotlight on what truly matters…the music.

And there was plenty of it that night. What the artists lacked in verbal appreciation for their craft they made up for vocally. The music was prolific and very diverse. From House/Dance music, to Pop, to Country, and the crowd favorite Rock ‘n’ Roll, the Grammy’s delivered a music show for all ages and tastes.