Take a look at your friend rocking the fluorescent hair and you’ll know your locks can be a fun way to express yourself. But you don’t need extreme bangs for your hair to speak volumes. Whether you like it or not, your look has a huge role in shaping people’s perceptions of you. So if you want to know what your co-workers and potential dates are thinking, then pull up a seat and let science decode your ’do. What is your Dallas hair saying about you?

Sexy or Smart Dallas Hairstyle?

Yale University carried out a research that came to a conclusion that any hairstyle that tends to make you look sexier also tends to decrease your perceived intelligence. We think that it definitely excludes the Victoria’s Secret beach wave hair style. In fact, if you are willing to look more appealing to men, then you must have longer and more luscious hair. A survey that was carried out by Pantene found out that the highest percentage of guys find longer hair to be the most attractive.

People Generally Tend to Believe in Blonde Jokes

According to most researchers, girls that have longer, blonde tresses are perceived as the sexiest – Dallas Hair Extensions Chances are, if you have Cameron Diaz or Gwen Stefani kind of hair, guys will expect you to pick the dinner tab up and they might also want to take you home after the dinner as well. You might have to try the old fashioned way of talking about things that matter in the world to make the other person know you better. You will have to show your intelligent side to them.

Women who have medium, simple haircuts are perceived as good natured and smarter ladies. Pair it with darker hair and the percentage instantly doubles. According to a research carried out by scientists working at University of Westminster, these women are just taken as being smarter but they are considered more attractive as well.

These scientists sent brunettes, redheads and blondes to different bars and basically recorded the exact number of guys that tried hitting on them. After which, they also asked the guys to rate the intelligence and attractiveness of those girls. Brunettes were rated as the smartest and the most attractive but they came second when it came to getting hit on. The reason behind it may be that they looked too smart to fall for usual pickup lines.

Even though blondes did not top the smartness or attractiveness list, it was found out that they were approached by the guys more often and had more fun than the brunettes. Taking the results of Yale’s study into consideration, it seems that being attractive and being sexy isn’t the same.

The Power Haircuts

Shorter haircuts are generally perceived as less feminine but even though they lack in this category, they make girls look fierce, smart and kickass. The Yale University’s study suggests that shorter haircuts may be the most confident haircuts of all.

So if you have a pixie hair cut or a shorter bob, you are more likely to be perceived as independent, strong, brave, confident and self-assured. If you are your company’s manager or boss, this haircut will suit your profession but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull it off if you are not in a management position. Just choose your haircuts wisely because they define your personality.

Curly and Wavy versus Straight

According to Dr Rose Weitz, a sociologist who especially studies perceptions of women’s hair, girls with dead straight hair look more pulled together than those with wavy or curly tresses. Thus, they are perceived as being more serious, straightforward and professional just like their hair.

So if you have a work meeting lined up or you are heading to a job interview, pull your hair straightener out. Just be careful with how straight you make your hair look because you don’t want to be perceived as too harsh if your hair is strictly straight. Add a few kinks here and there to make your tresses look less harsh.

Those with curly or wavy hair are seen as being more approachable and carefree, take notes if you are going on a date or even if you are going clubbing.

Now that you know what different hairstyles mean, what is your Dallas hairstyle saying about you?